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Operationalization in Sociology

Operationalization is the act of defining scientific terms by their procedures or experimental operations. Babbie discusses operationalism by using four-research question but in this article, I will only talk of two. Question 1: Are women more compassionate than men? The first application in this research is selecting a certain number...

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Social Science Research Methods

Science is a general knowledge or study of information which has been gained by proper methods. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines science as "knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method." Scientific information is collected using the scientific method utilizing...

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What Is Global Stratification?

Billions of people suffer from poverty and related issues. These problems affect their lives, resulting in the low quality of living. In some countries, people have to starve or work in sweatshops to feed themselves. They do not get enough food, their housing is inadequate, and they hardly get medical...

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Social Stratification

Societies integrate various aspects that determine how people interact while executing their daily endeavors meant to uplift their well-being. Social facets such as cultural diversity, race, class, and ethnicity influence the position of different groups in a society. Social stratification in countries like the U.S. has enhanced the categorization of...

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Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

Social stratification is the concept that presupposes the existence of different layers of society. Such differentiation is conditioned by the unequal possession and distribution of resources (Beeghley 1). As a result, the different levels or strata occur. According to the most popular classifications, modern societies like the one in the...

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