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Usability Test Report

Overview The usability test report outlines my observations of a campus walking tour that was given and designed to lead participants in an enjoyable experience. It outlines some of the areas in which the process could have been improved, some of the strengths of the process, and some concluding thoughts...

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Comparison Of 3 ERP Application Software’s

Enterprise Resource planning is a system software used in organizations to unify information and improve the efficiency of undertaking several activities through reduction of time wastage and keeping the cost of operation low. An important objective in the implementation of the software is to facilitate the levels of communication between...

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Anti-Virus Software- 2017

Introduction With the rise of malware threats including viruses and Trojan horses, the importance of effective and reliable anti-virus software cannot be understated. The threat of losing all your important work documents, study material or just memorable photos and videos is quite high if your pc is not protected by...

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Isuzu Australia Limited

Collaborative technology has helped Isuzu Australia in various ways. The collaborative technology software avails communication gadgets and tools to the groups working in the Isuzu Australia and others working in different locations and geographical areas. The technologies include the elements of project management that helps with task assignments and time...

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Appointment Scheduling Software includes 252 different medical scheduling software platforms to choose from. Five of them are NueMD, PrognoCIS by Bizmatics, Office Practicum, Kareo, and Medio EHR . When making a choice as to which software will work best for a particular medical practice there are certain features which should be addressed....

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Concern-Oriented Software Design

While software design has been the solution to many common repetitive tasks, software designs itself it not easy to automate. A paper by Alam, Kienzle, and Mussbacher (2013) proposes a new framework which they refer to as Concern-Oriented Software Design (COSD) in order to further the idea of automating aspects...

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ERP Software Vendor Analysis

Several firms produce and supply different ERP and other software solutions to organizations and individuals, but none of them can match the market influence that Oracle has today. Oracle is a U.S based computer software producer that markets to over 500000 customers in over 180 countries across the world (Oracle,...

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