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Components of Technology Systems

A software otherwise known as computer software refers to the part of a computer system consisting of computerized instructions or data contrary to physical hardware that is used to build the system. A software element refers to a sequence of abstract program statements describing the kind of computations a machine...

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Managerial Issues

IS empowers and acts as the foundation for communication within all kinds of organizations in the contemporary global economy. Hardworking managers at the helm of these central systems typically encounter several challenges in the management of data systems in their organizations. The software and hardware aspects of information systems typically...

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Dartfish Technology

Visualization, analysis and documentation of motion sequences have become a vital part of organizations especially for those in the sports business. To aid this and make work much easier, the Dartfish software comes into play. The software is bi dimensional video analysis software that allows for biomechanical observation, and quantitative...

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Health IT Culture of Safety

The promise of technology and its use in medicine is highlighted as a hallmark of a progressive future in healthcare defined by a variety of positive outcomes like reduced errors and costs, early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses as well as improved overall patient care quality. However, it is also...

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Approaches to Software and Systems Development

Research and Development (R & D) are important activities in the software development process. They ensure that the software developed can adjust to the changing industrial and technological patterns and cover a wider scope of the market for the interest of the company. However, as R&D happens, it is paramount...

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