This article discusses the human movement and its effects on the holistic functioning of them. Movement is critical to the expressing people’s responses. The authors indicate that reducing movement lives to the task-oriented movement leaves people with poor movement, despite the fact that it is expected to enrich people. The exchanges that are evident in the movement can be equated to the characteristics of the dance, which is improvised and changes the postures of the body as well as its movements. The authors add that creative dance is a discipline that is concerned with understanding the self and focuses on movement, craft that is improvised, whereby there is discovering and expanding the personal progress. In this discipline, the teacher in the chance to dance is expected to concentrate on what takes place for their students while dancing using their terms than what they do to the dance. According to the article, the man was created as a mover, and he moved even before he is born. In this view, the authors conclude that people who go on with movement through creative dance will stay rich regarding movement regardless of their age and gender.
Many people do not know that movement is a form of dance. In fact, when people move, they display a kind of improvised dance, which directly and indirectly influences our physical and psychological well-being. There are people who flourish because of the creative method. Human beings are provided with the freedom to invent things to solve their problems. Most people can dance, and many of them cannot imitate correctly what others do.

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One of the insights that intrigued me most is the fact that each person has uniqueness in vocabulary, style, as well as rhythm, which can be shared with each other. The fact that man is a mover even before he was born is quite interesting to learn because many people believe that children begin to move at the age of two years. Besides, it is interesting to learn that dance can take place mentally and in most cases such dances are characterized by anxiety and frustration of the inability to imitate the teacher and move. That engaging in pure encounters that are not verbal, which have the characters of dance is a kind of movement for its sake is also an important thing that I learned.

It is important to note that there are descriptions of behavior that are related to the way people move. People make different efforts using their body energy that enhances the vibes. Dance helps people to express their inner self and in children it is a continuous developmental process that entails the whole child. Creative dance offers responsiveness of the varying things in the movement and crucial information about self as well as other people. People express their emotions through dance, and it is vital in helping them to develop realistic and good body image.

In conclusion, dance plays vital roles in the life of human beings. It is a significant source of information and enjoyment in the life of a human being. People have different abilities of dancing, and it is important to share with others. I concur with the writer that movement is dance. This is because the movement is not only physical, but also psychological and mental. Dance affects our mind as well as our thinking process. However, it is important to state that creative dance requires energy, and it is held as the best way people can make use of their energy. In this view, it is recommended that people should take dance seriously and participate actively in benefits from it. I feel dance contributes significantly to an individual’s life, the reason I emphasize that we should all dance.