Some like it hot is a comical movie mixed with both humor and scenes of romance. The movie addresses major gender issues as well as subverting matters related to gender distinction. The movie brings out various stereotypes associated with the female gender as well as how men have been able to perceive women in the society. The gender roles in the movie have also been highlighted in a comical manner. The movie is quite interesting when addressing aspects of gender. This is because it uses literal skills and aspects such as exaggeration, and language action to pass across its gender message. The main story in the movie is about two male musicians witnessing the murder of their enemies by brutal mafia. The two end up dressing like women in order to flee from the gangsters.

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The first major theme on gender in this movie is gender dependence. It highlights how the female gender is highly dependent on the opposite gender. The woman has been brought out and depicted as a person who for survival purposes needs a man. This is because a man has been depicted to be the source of financial as well as material support. This can be justified upon looking at the character named Sugar. Her perception on the rich and affluent as well as her preference of millionaires explains this. She thinks that the male characters in the movie are gentle and helpless and always have the notion that women want their support. Therefore, she is bound to change this perception through different ways and actions as depicted in the movie. Clearly, her imagination explains the actual reality that is in the present world, women are assumed to highly depend on men. Therefore, she undertakes the responsibility of trying to turn the ideology that women depend on men the other way round. She does this by making Joe to be the one to depend on her and not the other way round.

The other aspect of gender depicted in the movie is gender role. In the present society, there is a presumption on the designated roles of male and female gender, and as a result, each of them is expected to play his part. There is the general expectation that each gender is to stick to what they been known to do and not reversed roles as portrayed in the movie. Men are expected to be the aggressive ones as well as the ones who lead the way on most social matters such as approaching and seducing the opposite sex. This is what has been perceived as the role of the male gender. However, in the movie this is reversed in a rather comical manner. A look at this particular scenario is the scene where Sugar takes the role of the aggressive partner, and on the other hand, Joe resorts to the passive role where he pretends to completely take notice of all the attention he is being given by Sugar. Jerry on the other hand also dresses in female clothing and relishes the idea of having to look like a small girl.

The power of sexuality is also an aspect of gender that has been brought out in the movie. It is worth noting that sexuality can be a very powerful emotion, which contributes to the shaping and molding individuals into different systems of life. The concept of sexual power is responsible for regulating how individuals interact and relate in their relationships. For instance, in the present society, the men have been depicted to be the ones with higher and stronger sexual urge.

It is as a result of this particular ideology that men have been charged with the duty of being the ones to go after the opposite gender. This translates to the scenario whereby women have been empowered sexually. Therefore, women sexuality has been depicted to be more powerful than their male counterparts. To understand this concept, the movie has been able to develop Sugar as an aggressive character who is bound to disapprove the normal system where the men go after women due to the sexual power of women. On her part, Sugar intends to win over Jerry by taking the bull by the hones and being the one to provide him with support and not the other way round. Moreover, this explains the role and importance of the issue addressing power of sexuality.

Another aspect related to gender that has been highlighted in the movie is gender inequality. The movie explains how the man or the male gender should be materially superior to the opposite gender in order to be compatible. This notion is brought out through an exploration of Sugar’s thoughts in the movie where she perceives Jerry as a man to be quite rich and gentle from the manner in which he is dressed and his spectacles. This clearly shows an imbalance in gender since the woman has been depicted as a subordinate to the man.