Also acknowledged as Songs of Solomon, Songs of Songs is the fifth of the Wisdom scriptures in the Christian’s Old Testament. The scripture has been a primary focus among different commentators across the world. Indeed, as it was acknowledged that the scripture has been subject to varied interpretations. In the present paper, the aim is to document on these interpretations. In particular, the essay will lay emphasis on how some people think of the scripture as being a story of human intimacy. The paper will discuss the interpretations in the light of two sections; “marriage in the song,” as well as, “meaning and message.”

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Some commentators have underlined that Songs of Songs is providing advice on the ways through which people can rekindle their intimacy marriages. These people often cite different chapters and verses. For instance, in the very first chapter, Songs of Songs introduces one to the bride and the groom. Throughout this chapter, the bride, and the groom use endearing terms for each other. A good example of such words is beloved, which is repeated at least 31 times. According to some people, this chapter reminds those in a marriage that, for their intimacy to be sustained, it follows that they should frequently refer to each other using endearing words. This is important as it tends to underpin the belief that intimate love and affection still reigns within the marriage. The chapter also reveals about the art of kissing. It is written, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.” Interpreting this verse, some people claim that the kisses along with the love between the bride and the groom were indeed intoxicating. This verse attempts to explain the essence of kisses in rebuilding the lost intimacy in marriage. In Songs of Songs 2, the groom praises the bride, claiming that he is the best man that she is aware of. This statement is well visible in Songs of Songs’ verse three. The verse tries to show the married that, if intimacy is to be resurrected, they have to avoid as much as possible to be drawn away by the favors that the world presents.

Other interpretations have been founded on the meaning and message of the scripture. Indeed, as has been revealed by different researchers, many meanings and messages have been made up of the book. One of the widely known meanings is about what God is trying to say through the writing. The primary message of the book, according to most people, is that human love, marriage, as well as, sexual love all comes from God in the form of a gift. The book tells that love and sex should be inseparable. This necessarily means that those who engage in sexual activities in the absence of love are living in the vicious cycle of life. Similarly, it means that those who see sex as something dirty usually spread a limited thought. For these people, they rightly acknowledge the notion that unmarried couples should not practice sex. However, they are not willing to discuss any matter of sex beyond this limit. They are unwilling to recognize the validity and the legality of sex within the marriage sphere.

In conclusion, it is evident that Songs of Songs has been interpreted variedly. In this paper, the interpretations have been discussed based on two aspects of the scripture. These included marriage and intimacy, and meaning and messages. On the former, it has been revealed that some people see the scripture as providing advice on the way to rekindle intimacy in marriage. On meaning and messages, it has been evidenced that people have various thoughts about the primary message that God wants to put across using the scripture.