When one travels, he or she has nothing to lose and everything to gain, especially where the travel is for adventure. Edu-tourism is a good example of adventure travel packed with numerous benefits for all involved. Any destination is appropriate for Edu-tourism, provided the traveler is not familiar with that destination. Edu-tourism is continuing to grow, and people are exploring their options to see the world. The cost of traveling is always one of the biggest hurdles that people face trying to see the world. Many individuals would like to travel for adventure and studies but they lack the resources to do so.
One of the destinations that can be beneficial and exciting regarding Edu-tourism is South America. A good South American destination is Santiago de Cali, better known by its short name Cali. It is the most populous metropolis in southwest Colombia and serves as the capital of the Valle del Cauca department. if one spends a week of study there, he or she will benefit a lot. First, the traveler is bound to experience education in a new language. Specifically, the traveler will get the opportunity to see how education is done in Spanish. This will be informative and transformative for an individual who has never experienced education in Spanish before. The individual will also have an opportunity to study and understand race, ethnicity, and identity as it pertains to the local community. The individual will undertake such studies through the Afro-Colombian lens. Notably, Colombia has the second largest number of people of African descent in South America. The Edu-tourist will examine sociopolitical, artistic, economic, and historical representations of ethnicity and race in Colombia.

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Another benefit is that the student will have the opportunity to practice what he or he learned in the Spanish class with peers outside the classroom, e.g. In the cafeteria. During the traveling seminar, the Edu-tourist will learn and see Colombia with a cohort that will form an international network of friends and professionals. The traveler will chat with friends and faculty members about the best place to eat in town, live music scenes, and other exciting things. For instance, one will have the ability to experience some South American culture by shopping the artisan Loma de la Cruz market, eating empanadas at Obelisco, drinking jugo de lulo, and checking out the zoo.

In addition to that, the Edu-tourist will discover Colombian diversity. Notably, Colombia is diverse in more than one ways as the visitor will learn as soon as he or she becomes accustomed to the environment.

Cali also has almost everything that a student studying abroad needs, and this is beneficial in that it improves the experience of the student and their love for the country. One of the main challenges that Edu-tourists face sometimes is a hostile environment in terms of weather, the landscape, and sometimes the people. in Cali, the weather is ideal for studying. The area is also affordable and this means that the student will not experience major financial hurdles.