Southern Methodist University is the perfect environment in which diversity is fostered and divergent ideas are encouraged. I am a current resident of the Bahamas and I would look forward to the big city environment of Dallas, TX. I would avail myself to all the cultural opportunities that Dallas would present to me. I like the Residential Commons that sets SMU apart from many other universities. At the Residential Commons, I would be able to expand on my interpersonal skills, interacting with peers from all over the world. I am inspired that there is about 14% of the SMU student body who represents international cultures. Diversity, and understanding other cultures, is a critical skill that SMU can teach me. I have unique skills that would keep me involved in all aspects of student life at SMU. Being from the Bahamas, I am an outgoing and friendly person who is open to new experiences. I aspire to study Psychology for my major at SMU. I am a dedicated student, for I am an honor student who takes my academics seriously. I also take athletics seriously, and I compete in track and field. One of the activities that I enjoy most is playing soccer. Therefore, although I am a serious and competitive student, I am also someone who could enhance University life in academics and athletics.
Given that SMU encourages collaboration between students and faculty, I would be eager to perform research under the supervision of one of SMU’s prestigious professors. I am motivated by others who are performing well, in both academics and athletics, therefore, SMU would inspire me to perform at my highest ability. I believe that I would be an enhancement to the campus life at SMU, and that SMU could become not only my school, but my home.

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