It seems justified to assume that Hill Construction should not be late and finish the building on time. From the Christian perspective, it should be emphasized that Hill Construction might me to blame if the stadium is not completed on time. Hill Construction’s actions can be considered as lie, and this is a sin. There is also a pay for this sin that is a crash penalty. If Hill Construction promised to complete all activities in the period of 270 days, the company must do everything possible in order to achieve this aim. However, this case will be considered as an immoral one.
Question 1
It should be highlighted that the critical path of the project is 552 days. These data were taken from the most pessimistic results described in the case study. Such amount of days is necessary in order to complete all building activities at the stadium. However, the project is expected to take 270 days because of the beginning of the new season in 2016. Therefore, such flow of events must not take place during the process of the stadium’s building because Hill Construction will have to pay a penalty that is $10,000 per day (Heizer & Render 2013).

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Question 2
The probability of finishing the building of the stadium in 270 days is very high. It should be clarified that in accordance with the data that describe terms of various building activities, it seems justified to assume that the Hill Construction might not be late. Moreover, the chart of possible ways of finishing the building provides 228 days on achieving results from the optimistic perspective. Hence, it should be clarified that the company will have 42 days in reserve of it is late. In this case, some critical situations that might happen will be not a problem for completing the building of the stadium on time.

Question 3
If this stadium has to be completed in 240 or 250 days, there will be only 12 or 22 days in its reserve for the case of extra situations. It should be highlighted that this time is not enough for unpredictable cases. Hence, the company should not lag behind the defined terms in any case. It seems justified to assume that 12 or 22 days are likely to be enough for this company in a case it is not late. Therefore, Bob Hill may not worry about paying the contract penalty that is $10,000 per day.

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