For this paper I chose the “Space Cadet” case study. In this particular case the claims of the fired man had no legal grounds under them. He attempted to show, that the act of firing him was a case of discrimination. Meanwhile, the evidence he suggested was only based on some spoken remarks. Besides, these remarks were not discriminatory by nature. They were only general remarks regarding age, besides; the remarks were not made by the people who were in charge of firing the man. In this case it is reasonable to remember of such legal concepts and legislative acts as equal opportunities act, discrimination, and equal opportunities.
In general, I strongly believe, that the claim of the man is not valid and that there is no chance for him to win in any case simply because the claims and remarks, which the man presented as evidence for his appeal were of very general nature and, even though they referred to age, they did not directly state that he should stop working because of his age or that it is reasonable to give a chance to work for younger specialists. Meanwhile, there is a lot of evidence available in the case, showing that his services were not of acceptable quality. Which, certainly, could have to do with his age, but even if one could prove, that the drop of performance quality took place solely because of his age, it would not serve as a reason for not having the right to fire him for his poor performance. Considering this all I arrive at a conclusion that the jury arrived at a correct decision. In order to protect the company from similar law suits I would suggest implementing annual or even more frequent performance tests. It is the responsibility of HR management department to develop such tests and make them a part of the company’s routine policy.

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