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The Societal Impact of the Space Program

In 1961 an expansion of the space program started, one that could be described as nothing less than dramatic, committing to the goal of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade (Space Program, 2014). The positive effects of the space program have been astounding, with...

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The Future of Space Travel

Ever since man has first stepped on the Moon, or even before that, the human race has dreamt of space travel. Humans’ fascination for the mysterious outer space has remained unchanged despite the advancement of technology which allowed us to unveil some of its mysteries. Even though time travel remains...

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The Billionaire Space Race

We are experiencing another Space Race nearly 50 years after the first to the moon. However, this space race isn’t fought by nations, and the final destination is not the lunar surface. This time, the competitors are billionaire masterminds right here in here U.S racing to be the first to...

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Space Race

Getting into space was important for both countries since it was a competition between the US and the USSR where capitalism and communism prevailed respectively. Both countries were the superpowers that wanted to outcompete each other, being acrimonious. Accordingly, the reasons for space travel were linked not only to the...

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Space Center Houston

For visitors to Houston, Space Center Houston offers an excellent source of entertainment. There are a wide range of attractions for people to enjoy, ranging from historic displays to live shows to delicious dining. Because there are so many options available for exploration, Space Center Houston is extremely popular. Among...

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