When I was growing up in Fort Worth Texas, my father has a large collection of books and documentaries about World War II. Being very intrigued, they drew me to pursue a career in the military. What I found most interesting, were stories regarding commandos, Scouts & Raiders, and various P.O.W. escape missions. Thus, I developed a belief — a belief that a small group of men can change the course of history. As captivating as the organization of the Air Force Special Tactics is, the most impressive aspect of the community are the operators who comprise it. These warriors are highly dedicated, relentless, educated, and selfless. From a young age, I devoted ample time to preparing myself mentally, physically and spiritually in pursuit of a career as an officer in the Special Forces Community.
Having served as a Surface Warfare Officer for the past three years on-board a minesweeper, I had the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills. More importantly, I matured emotionally, and this is now my greatest strength. In my experience as the Weapons Officer, Anti-terrorism Force Protection Officer, MWR Funds Custodian, and the ship’s only rescue swimmer on-board MCM Crew DOMINANT, I was continuously put the test. I enjoyed overcoming the challenges and fine- tuned my management skills. A few essential values that I have learned as an officer, is that the welfare of your sailors must be put first in every situation and being there to serve them regardless of the circumstances. This ultimately gives them the responsibility and trust, knowing that they can accomplish any task set before them. Secondly, is that an officer always leads from the front, no matter what. I have first-hand experience that when these two key values are combined, the end result is always a mission accomplished. Sequentially earning your sailors respect and I am proud to say that the sailors in my division respect me. This is another strength that I am confident I will be able to bring to the AFSOC community.

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Having a sense of purpose motivates me and guides me through tough obstacles. I believe this clearly exists on every Special Forces mission where making a difference is personally experienced. Being involved in these types of operations where successes and consequences are intimately cultivated is my overall goal. I tend to do my best work when what I am doing matter and I personally see what the effects are. Leading the different divisions on my ships has proven to be very beneficial and rewarding experiences. Witnessing the results and making sure those effects matter according to a larger plan is what I want to do in my military career.

In conclusion, to be a Special Tactics Officer and join this unique community that leads such great warriors into combat is a goal I will never surrender. In today’s world with our country engaged in a long war, the AFSOC community must be able to attract the very best this country has to offer. I am ready to serve as a Special Tactics Officer.