Today I would like to talk about a wonderful human being who inspired me to have kindness and compassion in this very troubled world. This person is my late grandfather.

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Every day, people are born while others pass away. Human beings’ existence and extinction on earth is part of everyday life. Most leave without having their names recorded in history, and some of these leave behind an incredible vibrant legacy that inspires others to follow their example and do great things. Families and friends keep vivid memories of those they loved and cherished in their heart, and usually have photos, videos, and items which connect to them.

My dear grandfather痴 death was a great blow to me and my family. He did not have the type of achievements that would be recorded in history books, but the reason why so many people remember him is because he had a wonderful heart and soul. His life embodied true love, and in the same way that his heart was full of warmth and passion, so were his words.

Not only did my grandfather talk about compassion for others, he practiced it as well. He had a lot of kindness and sympathy towards the poor, and whenever someone was in desperate need, he never hesitated to give them a helping hand. Shortly after the 1998 incident that caused homelessness, my grandfather went to help those who lost their home: he took them to his house to make them comfortable and ensured that they were very well fed. Although he was far from rich, whenever the homeless needed help he gave it to them.

When I was a small child, I used to enjoy watching my grandfather riding his bike along the street; I saw how much he enjoyed life and loved nature. While there are few other able men who would consider taking care of the less fortunate, the love in his heart made him want to share what he had with them. Whenever I asked him why he did this, he told me he had a strong innate passion for bridging that gap between him and the needy. His wonderful compassion and outlook on life has deeply affected me. He instilled in me the beauty of a kind soul, and helped me realize the true meaning of love in regard to tolerance and compassion towards the less fortunate.

Even when he was very old and frail, my grandfather still demonstrated love through compassion. His age did not stop him from caring and working to help the less fortunate with his loving actions. And now, even years after his death, I still remember his wonderful smile, beautiful soul, and caring nature. He remains a great inspiration for my life, and know I was extremely lucky to have him as a guide. When I have children I will recall all the stories about him, and the kindness and happiness that he generated, as I hope to inspire them to also follow in his footsteps.

Every time that I see any child or adult suffering, and I have a chance to care for them, I do so wholeheartedly, and know that my grandfather is looking down on me, and spurring me on. It gives me great pleasure to see the positive results of my work, and the way that people can turn their lives around with just a little help. My grandfather was never famous enough to be written about in history books, but his love is written in the hearts of all the people he cared for and knew. I salute his altruistic benevolent life.