Do you want to stay in a place that is like no other across the globe? Want to be easily accepted in an exotic place as a tourist? Have you ever had a dream about travelling to the Peninsula in the Arabian soil? Have you ever imagined visiting a place that is said to be noticeable from the moon. Dubai is a brilliant place.

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Everybody should think about visiting Dubai. It is situated at the Persian Gulf as one of the United Arab Emirates. It forms the sandwich between Oman and Saudi Arabia. Dubai is a dwelling that has a lot of western cultures and great riches and wealth with the largest manmade islands in the world, Palm Islands, with great waterfronts (Sharma, 2014). This is a nation with the tallest and most attractive buildings in the world. Dubai is a world class destination for various purposes.

Brief History
Having a brief history about Dubai, it is unimaginable that, before 1966, when they discovered oil, it was a very small desert which only depended on fishing. It had a small population of approximately 6000 people. Today, it is one of the famous and rich destinations with a population of approximately 1.3 million people. Taking a virtual trip to Dubai, it is a very thrilling place. For whichever reason you may travelling there, it is a completely friendly place to visit with very cheap flights (Webb, 2013).

Economic Situation
Dubai can be pronounced as one of the richest places in the world today. It is blessed with vast and magnificent oil resources. In the Middle East, Dubai has the most health economic growth which can be rated at 16% annually. In the recent years, the economy is diversifying and broadening beyond oil production that contributes approximately 6%. Tourism has also been as one of the most profitable contributors to their economy. Most people in Dubai never work, but they are exposed to lives that are characterized with a lot of luxuries. This because of the profits created from the oil wells. The state has also invested greatly on the state security (Sharma, 2014).

Sporting Nation
Dubai is a world class sporting nation. It is equipped with the best sports facilities in the world. It has the ability of hosting global sports events in various fields like tennis, European and Asian Golf PGA circuits, camel racing, horse racing, sailing, boating and IRB rugby world circuit series. Another indoor attractive sport is the snow skiing which is experienced in the Mall of emirates. Dubai has the most exciting football training and practicing personal Alpine skills.

Shopping Destination
Dubai has the most exciting shopping facilities in the world. This includes the colossal shopping center that encloses numerous shopping activities. The prominent Gold Souk District has famous golden jewelry that is featured in the world market. The shopping experience is fantastic as it is tax-free. This is enhanced with the availability of an open port. The presence of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, makes the shopping and tourism adventure fantastic. The building has several escalators and elevators, with more than 160 floors and approximately 120,000 panels of glass, it is an international attention getter.

Cultural Orientation
Strong cultural and social heritage with a lot of diversity is strongly rooted in Dubai. Dubai uniquely showcases an international lifestyle even if it is steeped with strong Islamic traditions. This is the reason as to why people across the globe wish to own property and work in Dubai making it a major hub in real estate. However, despite the significant influence from the west, music and books are censured in Dubai.

While on visitation, there is no specific dress code to be followed. There are various dress codes that are embraced in the environments of Dubai Both for men and women. Some women may prefer to wear clothing from the west while others may choose to wear veils and robes. As a show of respect outside the hotels, all foreigners are required to wear clothing that covers their shoulders. Calls to prayers are heard all day through the loudspeaker sounds because it is dominated by Muslims. Respect should also be observed to the numerous public prayer places in Dubai (Wilentz, 2006).

Historical and cultural tradition is preserved in the Dubai Museum and the Diving Village. Displays and photographs give an idea of what Dubai was before the discovery of oil. The Creek has The Heritage Village where an individual sits in a café while watching the water taxis and inhaling flavored smoke from tobacco and shisha from the drifts. This is where the diving traditions like pearl and exploration of ancient architecture and armory takes place in a Bedouin Village with tents.

Hotels and Luxury in Dubai
While planning to visit Dubai for whatever reason, plenty of restaurants and hotels cater for every individual. A good example is the Burj Al Arab hotel that has marvelous architecture with modern facility and equipment that puts it among the world’s best. It is on its own island off the shore and an attractive sailboat shape. The Disneyland Madinat Jumeirah is also a resort which is self-contained with several restaurants, villas, water and shopping parks. The waterways provide luxurious water taxis and carts to enhance recreational travel across their property. Dubai is also dominated by the famous western chains of hotels. The Hyatt, Hilton, Intercontinental and Sheraton have extreme luxury and opulent facilities and fabulous cross-cultural dining failities across Dubai. All these expose people to extravagant marvel and exotic cocktails as a taste of the lifestyle in Dubai (Wilentz, 2006).

Dubai is becoming very prevalent among the famous and popular. The ordinary people are also flocking in Dubai to experience fantastic nature and luxury during holidays (Molafi, 2007). People are investing in Dubai on the islands and other property that has not experienced a lot of growth. This is hugely accelerated by the flow of money from the oil well as well as international business. Unlike other cities, Dubai has experienced a healthy growth which is not instantaneous, but rather evolutionary. The transition has experienced smooth transition from one level to another in all aspects of growth.

In conclusion, it is evident that the development and growth of Dubai has made it a dream destination for everyone. This is reinforced the quality of the infrastructure, visionary leadership, friendly environment, absence of tax on corporate and personal income and low duty on imports. The security status of the city can only be described as zero crime zone. The presence of world class learning institutions and use of information technology are also very high within the environs of the city making it the best tourist and business hub in the world. Dubai is a world class destination for various purposes.

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