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University Graduates Speech

All of you are at a critical moment in life because of the academic and professional transition you are almost taking. This in a very special moment that makes the transition of a lifetime from one stage of life to another. The importance of education in our lives cannot be...

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Modulation-Demodulation Speech Communication

When humans speak, there are various types of sound frequencies that travel throughout the air and are manipulated by various factors such as the size of a human, their vocal organs, other outside conditions and variables. When producing sound and speech, humans use their vocal organs and muscles as instruments...

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Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech and Death

For me, there were several moments in Steve Job's commencement speech that resonated deeply, and that I felt could be used to apply to my own life and the way in which I want to live it. Broadly speaking, these moments could be categorized in relation to the way in...

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Speech Delay: Assessment Follow-up and Implication for Nursing Practice

Speech delay has long been a focus of nursing professionals working with children, as a result of the developmental difficulties that often accompany the disorder. Without question, speech delays can affect a child’s developmental trajectory for individual social, emotional and school based adjustment, upper level education, and ultimately career success...

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Speeches Paper

Both Red Jacket and Tecumseh use speech to urge fellow attendees of meetings. In 1805 Red Jacket addresses a white missionary at a council of chiefs of the Six Nations in the speech “[The Great Spirit Has Made Us All].” Red Jacket tries to make the missionary see that the...

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Kathryn Schultz and the Rationality of Being Wrong

Kathryn Schultz’s 2011 TEDtalk “On Being Wrong” employs the somewhat conversational, populist and quasi-academic format normal to TEDtalk, so as to elaborate her theory on what being wrong entails. Her main point is that while most of our decisions in life are based on trying to avoid being wrong, this...

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Talk Card: Markus Gabriel

Markus Gabriel's speech “Why the World Does Not Exist” was made in the context of the famous TEDxTalks series, which includes various innovators, inspirational figures and other experts in specific areas. Markus Gabriel himself is a philosopher and a university professor at the University of Bonn in Germany. In his...

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Student Council Speech

Student government plays an important role in all of our school activities, and it takes an enthusiastic leader with positive attributes to fulfill this position well. A person who has commitment, experience, and good leadership qualities can improve the accomplishments of our student council in many significant ways. Council leadership...

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Special Occasion Speech: Commemorative

Today I would like to talk about a wonderful human being who inspired me to have kindness and compassion in this very troubled world. This person is my late grandfather. Every day, people are born while others pass away. Human beings' existence and extinction on earth is part of everyday...

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Commemorative Speech

Each time I look in the mirror today, I am deeply humbled as I remember the struggles I have had to deal with while growing up. I am the only child born to a single mother who experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as she hard to toil through thick and...

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Persuasion Speech Outline: Household Waste Separation

Topic: Household waste separation General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to contribute to waste management through household waste separation method Thesis Statement: Household waste separation is important in reducing the amount of landfill and reducing the cost of recycling. Attention Step Attention Getter: Everyday, our households...

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Presidential Address Speech Modules

FDR's First Inaugural address, as a piece of communicative rhetoric, contains the use of many speech modules. Insofar as speech modules by definition give a structure to the discourse in question, identifying the specific speech modules in FDR’s 1933 speech requires the following interrelated approach. In order to accurately grasp...

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The King’s Speech: Would Historical Accuracy Have Made It a Great Film?

Introduction In the film, The King’s Speech, we hear Winston Churchill thunder: “War with Germany will come — and we will need a king we can all stand behind.” At this point Bertie, as the king was known to his family and friends, was virtually shaking in his well-polished boots,...

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Commemorative Address – A Valedictorian Speech

Abraham Lincoln failed 26 times. I am sure that many of you find that hard to believe. Lincoln is known as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. Since I have probably failed about 30 times, Lincoln still has a better track record than me...

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Analysis of Jeff Cooke’s Speech

I was in attendance of a speech given by Jeff Cooke in my Public Administration course. I found that the speech was enlightening and educational. Cooke’s introduction made me anticipate Cooke’s speech. The preview that was given let me know that Jeff Cooke was a man in the business of...

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Rape Culture

This speech is going to address the causes and effects of Rape Culture. As a result, it is necessary to discuss many difficult and horrific situations that have occurred in real life, to real people. Rape Culture is an insidious disease that keeps spreading, and it is harmful to all...

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The Failure of the War on Terror

In 2001, George W. Bush announced “The War on Terror.” In response the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the American government proclaimed a new policy, which would seek to eliminate terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda. Over 10 years later, after failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, above...

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Speech Communities

On an intuitive level, one may identify themselves with a particular or singular speech community to which one belongs. This is understandable, as we tend to think of ourselves in individual terms, and therefore, as constantly expressing a singular “voice.” Nevertheless, the value of an exercise such as analyzing the...

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Shell Speech

Shell has a long history of operational excellence which has helped it become one of the leading energy companies in the world. But changing competitive landscape as well as new technologies means there is always significant room for improvement. It is even more important to achieve operating efficiency given some...

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College Graduation Speech

Computer pioneer Michael Dell once said, “As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own." Friends, here we sit today, having thrown away that map on our journey toward college graduation, and with the opportunity to...

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