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Kathryn Schultz and the Rationality of Being Wrong

Kathryn Schultz’s 2011 TEDtalk “On Being Wrong” employs the somewhat conversational, populist and quasi-academic format normal to TEDtalk, so as to elaborate her theory on what being wrong entails. Her main point is that while most of our decisions in life are based on trying to avoid being wrong, this...

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Talk Card: Markus Gabriel

Markus Gabriel's speech “Why the World Does Not Exist” was made in the context of the famous TEDxTalks series, which includes various innovators, inspirational figures and other experts in specific areas. Markus Gabriel himself is a philosopher and a university professor at the University of Bonn in Germany. In his...

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Student Council Speech

Student government plays an important role in all of our school activities, and it takes an enthusiastic leader with positive attributes to fulfill this position well. A person who has commitment, experience, and good leadership qualities can improve the accomplishments of our student council in many significant ways. Council leadership...

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Special Occasion Speech: Commemorative

Today I would like to talk about a wonderful human being who inspired me to have kindness and compassion in this very troubled world. This person is my late grandfather. Every day, people are born while others pass away. Human beings' existence and extinction on earth is part of everyday...

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Commemorative Speech

Each time I look in the mirror today, I am deeply humbled as I remember the struggles I have had to deal with while growing up. I am the only child born to a single mother who experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as she hard to toil through thick and...

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