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Persuasion Speech Outline: Household Waste Separation

Topic: Household waste separation General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to contribute to waste management through household waste separation method Thesis Statement: Household waste separation is important in reducing the amount of landfill and reducing the cost of recycling. Attention Step Attention Getter: Everyday, our households...

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Presidential Address Speech Modules

FDR's First Inaugural address, as a piece of communicative rhetoric, contains the use of many speech modules. Insofar as speech modules by definition give a structure to the discourse in question, identifying the specific speech modules in FDR’s 1933 speech requires the following interrelated approach. In order to accurately grasp...

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The King’s Speech: Would Historical Accuracy Have Made It a Great Film?

Introduction In the film, The King’s Speech, we hear Winston Churchill thunder: “War with Germany will come — and we will need a king we can all stand behind.” At this point Bertie, as the king was known to his family and friends, was virtually shaking in his well-polished boots,...

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Commemorative Address – A Valedictorian Speech

Abraham Lincoln failed 26 times. I am sure that many of you find that hard to believe. Lincoln is known as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. Since I have probably failed about 30 times, Lincoln still has a better track record than me...

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Analysis of Jeff Cooke’s Speech

I was in attendance of a speech given by Jeff Cooke in my Public Administration course. I found that the speech was enlightening and educational. Cooke’s introduction made me anticipate Cooke’s speech. The preview that was given let me know that Jeff Cooke was a man in the business of...

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