Marketing is one thing that has been changing over time and with the significantly growing use of technology, the act has greatly revolutionized. The type of marketing strategies that are used presently are not the same that were used several decades ago. Currently, sports facilities have provided a very good platform for various brands to display and promote their products because of the wider coverage that they can be provided with within a limited space. Many people come to the sports facilities to watch their favourite sports and different brands together with the owners or the sports facilities have seized the opportunity (Lisle, 2017). However, there is need to do these marketing in proper ways that do not interfere with the infrastructure in any way.

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Transparent monitors
The use of transparent monitors in the sports facility marketing is a good way that marketers can employ to promote various brands without interfering with the infrastructure of the facility, as part of the digital content marketing. Displaying a text on a clear screen can enable the message to be relayed on a physical surface. For instance, if an empty dummy is placed behind a clear monitor, it can appear as if it is putting on various uniform and helmet combinations of a team. This is because they are digitally relayed. It is a type of what one would conventionally think about as a monitor as regards the showcasing of content, even though it is see-through, so one can be able to place created features behind it. As such, the original infrastructure of the sports facility would remain intact without having any alterations for the purposes of accommodating this new addition for marketing.

Wall Projection
  It is possible to project digital content against a wall or hard surface with all an LED screen’s changeability. This method was once proposed by the Dimensional Innovations who were planning to implement the system in an American stadium on a space that had been given to a major partner of the stadium. This can be done by toning down or reducing a small amount of the ambient light that is within the space. However, this can be quite challenging because it needs a sports facility or stadium that has massive or big walls which can support or be offer remarkable canvasses for the projection. However, when successful, this can be one of the best means of promoting brands because it has a wider presence since the projections can be quite massive such that can be viewed by a very large number of spectators and also in clear and big picture. This can also create a good view and feeling for the spectators as it can contribute in creating an electrifying environment within the sports facility. The projections are done on already existing walls; hence does not need any modifications to the original designs such that it interferes with the design.

Water Curtains
Those who do not prefer using wall projections due to the fact that they are quite static may choose to use flowing water. Planned water curtains are capable of conveying or displaying text and images via a blend of planned or scheduled valve releases together with lighting effects. In addition, one can be able to change their texting on the fly. It can be as simple as just amending a Word document. This is the best case of something that is quite unique which can enable the setting apart of a facility, a product and actually forming an exceptional experience. Also, just like wall projection and transparent monitors, we find that water curtains is also new way of marketing within the sports facility without interfering with the original design.