I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Sports Administration because of my passion for being around sporting events. I like sports and enjoy watching sports on television as well as attending in person events. Sporting events have always energized me and captivated my attention, as there are so many components involved in sports. These components include the players themselves, fans, and all of the other people that help things run smoothly. These include the promoters, event coordinators, venues and sports arenas, and journalists that come into contact with the athletes.

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However, just being around sporting events is not enough knowledge for me to succeed in this field. For instance, I feel that a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration will give me pertinent knowledge needed to be successful in the world of Sports Management, such as how to handle interview athletes and the everyday life of athletes. I realize that athletes have to do more than just go out on and play on the field. Athletes have to prepare mentally and physically for their games, as well as speaking to the press and attending special events. Some of these events include special seminars and special training camps for kids. The other skills I want to learn about and develop are how athletes train and how they develop their cognitive abilities. Other skills that I feel would prove valuable to me include learning how to promote big sporting events, so that more people can attend these activities.

One of my primary post education careers goals is to be an athletic director of a university. I feel that think pursing a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the Simmons School of Education & Human Development in conjunction with the Cox School of Business will help me reach this goal. I do possess some past experience that I feel has prepared me for this degree. I used to work as a basketball referee officiating games for the Mississippi High School Athletic Association. However, as much as I loved that position, it was somewhat limiting. I see bigger and better things for myself. This degree program will help me to establish a more expansive career that goes beyond my former position as a basketball official. I have already started to carve out this career for myself by taking some applicable coursework. For instance, I have taken some Physical Education, College History & Principle of Physical Education, and Sports Management courses.

I feel that your academic institution is the best place for me to achieve professional development, based on several reasons. One factor that attracted me is the short amount of time that is needed to get this Master’s Degree in Sports Management, compared to other universities. I am a person who is eager to get into the working world of Sports Management, the full year program a good fit for me. I do not mind attending school in the summer. I am also impressed by the college’s great track record, evident in how many students have been able to secure employment in several areas of sports management after graduation. I feel that this degree program is expansive, people getting jobs in senior-management positions in the sports industry.

From performing research about your college, I am confident in the professors and faculty on staff. I think it is great that sport management professionals with much top sports experience in areas such as professional leagues and teams, media and broadcasting, marketing and sponsorship, arenas and facilities, as well as sports equipment and apparel teach the classes. I also know that the university has a stellar reputation among sports business experts.
I am also impressed by the high caliber of people that the university is able to attract for speaking and conference engagements, including members from the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars . Hearing and listening to athletes and sports management that are in the field is a great way to gain firsthand knowledge of what the career really entails.

Yet, just knowing information that comes out of textbooks and coursework is not enough to succeed in sports management. The fact that the Master’s program also offers an internship is something that excites me. As a hands on person, I feel that doing an internship with a team such as the Frisco Rough Riders Baseball team would give me an edge in Sports Management and a real life, close up view of all of the aspects that are involved in the field of Sports Management.

Attending a school that is well balanced and one that gives back to the community is also important to me. I am also impressed with what the university does outside the field of Sports Management, especially in the area of Community Involvement. I think being of service to other people, especially today’s youth is important. As youth often look up to athletes and like sports, I think it is great that your academic institution helps youth through its Community Enrichment Program, the Writer’s Path, and Youth Programs . I think that is really important to keep our youth on track. With all of the negative publicity in sports, including domestic violence incidents involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, I feel that we need to create a good example for our youth, who will want to get jobs in the sports world someday. It is our responsibility to guide youth well.

As you can see, getting a Master’s Degree in Sports Management at your institution seems to be a good fit for me.