The purpose of this project is to define the benefits of staff recruitment and retention in my career. Professionalism is important to maintain within all industries that I can envision being a part of. After graduation I would be interested in continuing research that will positively affect the community I am a part of. This research study is a proposal that can be carried out in different areas of marketing in order to gain profound and interdisciplinary results. The application of the concepts presented in this document will help me understand existing marketing trends and themes. It will also assist me in developing my longer career aspirations and areas of focus. Staff recruiting and retention are important concepts in most management positions. Therefore I hope that utilizing various aspects of my academic background and work experience to develop a plan that will cultivate lasting results in the community and industry at large.

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The purpose of this study is to identify trends in staff recruiting and retention for global companies. The research aims to identify what recruiting practices the most effective when are seeking candidates at an international level and how those are applied in contemporary staff recruiting initiatives. It is hypothesized that large scale job websites are responsible for effective candidates connecting with employers. The specific research question is how organizations can effectively recruit and retain staff through online media. The study will include a survey of existing literature in order to identify the literature gaps as well as available resources regarding this topic. It is important to research this topic in contemporary times due to the rapid increase of infrastructure. In modern times the improvements to access have cultivated a new environment for employers to find their potential recruits (Smita & Sarika, 2015).

It has also expanded the scope of people who may be eligible for jobs, especially in the context of global corporations interested in employees from more than one country. Understanding how to effectively recruit can help employers gain the highest quality candidates (Leung, 2016). It would also help optimize the way that potential recruits access the jobs that they are interested in. There are multiple levels of benefits associated with understanding these principles in the context of contemporary staff recruiting and retention (Lorenz & Kikkas, 2014).

The objective of the project is to survey available research and information regarding corporation recruitment practices. The specific information that will be identified is where job postings are created and where job postings appear around the world. The goal is to synthesize a representative sample from multiple countries to identify which practices deliver effective recruitment initiatives. The outcome is to understand which places provide the highest quality candidates for employers. This project will be able to create a list of suggestions for employers who are interested in using online methods to recruit their staff. It will also provide trends that can be interpreted by job seekers based on which strategies companies are using the most frequently. International corporations as well as job seekers will benefit from this research as it addresses an incumbent need within the literature.

The research design will initially review literature to identify themes in existing research. Based on investigations that have been peer reviewed and well defined by scholars in the field, the gap in literature will be better identified. These details will be used to select the specific channels of job posting that are frequently used by organizations (Farrell et al., 2016). Based on these results, a survey will be created for personnel at various organizations. They will be asked about the retention practices and recruitment that takes place based on online media and methods. Data will be collected and analyzed in order to establish themes that exist in organizational practices and retention initiatives. These goals will be accomplished by gathering an adequate sample, and establishing a system to code all aspects of the recruitment process.

This research will require comprehensive access to hiring practices and staff recruitment information. Sources that will be consulted include the university libraries, online journal systems and academic publications. These will be consulted for the literature review portion of the study. Other resources that will be required are confidential online survey systems in order to reach out to companies in the second phase of the research project. Institutional review board consent will be important in order to establish an adequate sample set. When analyzing the data a secure system will be implemented in order to keep data safe and protected throughout the process.

There are several anticipated challenges to this research project. Due to the private nature of most employer hiring practices, it may not be possible to sample an effective amount of data from companies without permission. Therefore, the process of getting approvals from appropriate parties may take some time. Another challenge is being able to properly view previously closed and filled jobs. These details would be helpful to get organic data regarding the organization’s practices and previous staff recruitment initiatives. These challenges can be easily overcome with the cooperation of organizations in order to gain all the necessary information by directly corresponding with each.