In preparation to engage in a project, it is of utmost importance to ensure that one communicates to the right audience. This goes a long way into the planning process. It also helps with dealing with future blockages.

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who are the key stakeholders who will need to be engaged in order to get support to move this project?
Before the start of a clinical research project at the American Association for Retired Person, it would not only be advisable to talk to the administration concerned but also engaged the relevant guardians connected to the expected participants (Andriof, 2003). This would help pave way for the project even before approaching the participants themselves.

What are specific persuasive arguments that you would use with each constituency and why?
Some of the persuasive arguments that can be put into use involve a reflection of the benefits that come with the project (Andriof, 2003). The participants can be informed of how their lives and that of many more will be transformed as a result of their participation. This would be the truth hence best approach, especially while dealing with adults.

Where do you anticipate blockages and what strategies will you employ?
While engaging in the project, a blockage due to uncooperative guardian and administrative officials is expected. Most of the blockages are expected to have an element of legal procedures involved where a client has the right to decline participation.

Reference organizational theory
Organizational theory has been noted to be the ultimate study of structural, relationship and design components of and organization. This study is generally linked to both internal and external elements that either help or act as hindrance to its performance. Its study help equip an organization with the necessary knowledge needed to handle rapid change (Daft, 2010). Some of them include; Marxist theory, Scientific Management theory and even Bureaucracy theory.

Communication is a very important aspect in the planning process. It goes along way into ensuring that all parties involved are on the same page. It also ensures that the chances of experiencing blockages are reduced.

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