Starbucks has adopted a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy within its operations worldwide. This strategy encompasses a number of key areas, including communities, the environment, and ethical sourcing, all of which contribute to the overall direction of the organization in this focus area (Starbucks). The organization represents itself effectively in many areas and conveys the importance of providing the communities where it does business with opportunities for growth and change and to encourage positive outcomes for local residents (Starbucks). The organization has grown significantly using this strategy as a key driver in achieving success throughout the world. The company’s strategy is significant and effective because it conveys the importance of new approaches to address serious social and environmental problems that plague many parts of the world.

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Starbucks is most recognized for its coffee and related products; however, the company has evolved with an influential and highly effective focus on corporate social responsibility that encourages considerable involvement in local affairs and in promoting energy efficiency through its operations and green approaches to doing business (Dawson). The company, therefore, has been largely successful in its efforts to promote green initiatives and new designs that are efficient and appropriate in achieving their objectives (Dawson). This green strategy is important because it reflects the capacity to achieve success and to demonstrate the importance of positive outcomes for the business and for its community-based partners, as well as the environment.

The company also provides local communities with funds and other resources in order to promote growth and development in areas where there are weaknesses in these practices (Turk). The efforts made to improve communities have enabled Starbucks to be successful in their CSR goals in many communities (Turk). This approach to business operations is essential because it provides Starbucks with a means of connecting with communities and in providing much needed support that has a positive influence on outcomes, particularly in areas where individuals, families, and businesses struggle to survive under difficult economic conditions. Starbucks’ approach is essential in achieving successful outcomes and in supporting future directions for the firm in expanding its CSR focus to new heights.

The environmental focus that Starbucks represents is highly indicative of the company’s focus and direction on environmental sustainability. The environment is a primary focus of Starbucks and enables the business to be efficient in reducing the environmental burden within the communities where their stores are located. These contributions are critical to the success of the business and in demonstrating the strong impact of corporate social responsibility on local communities and on the environment. Starbucks has established its focus and continues to have a significant impact on communities and other areas where there is substantial need. These alternatives are important because they reflect Starbucks’ true commitment to the communities and the people that are served.

Starbucks is a large and well-known company with a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility within communities and in support of the surrounding environment. Green initiatives and support to those in need are two of the company’s key priorities; therefore, it is important for the company to continue its emphasis on corporate social responsibility and the factors that contribute to this strategy. Starbucks is a key contributor to many causes and strives to help those who struggle within communities, including schools and other organizations that serve those who struggle and are in need of assistance. These efforts are a positive reflection on the communities that are served and on the organization as a whole.