In the article ‘Starbucks International enters Kuwait’, Dianne Welsh, Peter Raven and Nasser Al-Mutair explore the possibilities of introducing Starbucks in Kuwait. The authors portray how Nasser makes use of strategic marketing analysis of the product and the use of expert knowledge in determining the success of Starbuck in Kuwait. To establish the credibility of his idea, Nasser uses the raw facts including the physical nature, marketing trends, economic and spending power, the culture and tradition of Kuwait to convince the president of Starbucks international company, Mr. Howard Behar, on the high chances of success in Kuwait.

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Kuwait is portrayed as a country that exhibits diversity in the nature of the products that the people consume. This has also been promoted by the high number of visitors who have been going to the country for various reasons. This has cause a big influence in their culture. Starbucks has also been presented as accompany with a very small beginning. The attributed attached to Starbuck’s coffee and their and the company’s objective as outlined in the mission, indicate that Kuwait is a perfect match for a business location. This is further complimented by the opportunities that may be presented by the nature of the economy. This include the high purchasing power of the population, growing population that has initiated high demand and heavy reliance on imported products.

This article is very crucial to UAE. This is because, it contains information that can be crucial to various organizations that deal with activities related to marketing and business. It outlines the importance of marketing research and planning as a critical issue towards entry into the Middle East market. It also has information on strategic alliances as the most realistic way of gaining full entry into the market. This article indicates the results of a Kuwait’s economic profile and this is very important in defining the business topology of the area.

  • Welsh, H. D., Raven P. and Al-Mutair, N. (1998). Starbucks International enters Kuwait. Eastern Washington University.