Entering Starbucks it is easy to see that the environment is set up to be inviting. The colors are tan, gold, and dark purple, inviting the guests to sit down and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The logos and lettering were all clean and crisp, much like the Starbucks logos on the front of the coffeehouse. The color pallet which was in this coffeehouse was soothing, it created a feeling where sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee was a good option. The smell, it lingered with the faint aroma of coffee which added to the environment.

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Looking around the coffeehouse there were many options for seating. There were blonde wood table tops which had two seating options. There were tables with two chairs and tables with four chairs. There were also several couches and chairs. They were blue fabric and were placed around the perimeter of the coffeehouse. There was a second door which led to the outside where there were several round silver tables. The seating area had a black fence surrounding it. The only access to the outdoor seating was through the coffee house.

There were several individual’s in the coffee house, sitting around on their computers and phones. The faint sound of key strokes were easily recognized while the patrons stood in line waiting on their orders. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of the workers, talking to the customers in line and communicating with each other. The beep of the drive through window continually was going off. It was followed with a “Welcome to Starbucks how can I help you?” which seemed as if it was a recording on replay. The entire visit of the coffeehouse, there was very little times that sound was not repeating over and over again in the background.

Sitting in the coffee house with a pen and paper provided several unusual looks. It was as if it was an ancient practice to be enjoying a cup of coffee without a computer or tablet sitting on the table. Looking around the coffeehouse, there were several bookcases which were filled with products for sale. The travel coffee mugs, gift sets, and even coffee bags were all sitting their inviting the consumer to purchase them. The also had a holiday sections which promoted Easter and the products which were available for sale. It drew the attention with the placement and color of the products. There were travel mugs with pink, green, and blue colors on them. There were little baskets, much like Easter baskets with instant coffee packages and coffee accessories in them.

After sitting in the coffeehouse for a while, it became clear that there was music playing softly in the background. The fast pace of people running in and out to grab a cup of coffee on their way to start their day and all the hustle and bustle of the workers made it easy to overlook the pop music which was streaming softly in the background. The environment was perfect for working, doing school work, or even conducting business. It provided a place where beverages can be consumed and individuals can sit to accomplish whatever their daily lives require.