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Starbucks Packaging Communicates with Consumers and Communities

Starbucks packaging personifies brand excellence and encourages consumer participation. There is much more to packaging than an appealing visual design. Starbucks brand conveys a promise of excellence in coffee that is held as a standard throughout the world. It is also a brand that has a commitment to fair trade...

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Starbucks Organizational Structure

Starbucks originated from humble beginnings, emerging in 1971 as a coffee machinery and supplies store in Seattle, Washington. As Starbucks prepared for world domination during the 1980s, these offerings increased to include specialty drinks, such as the caffe’ latte, which became the signature beverage of Starbucks. The brand rapidly expanded...

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Starbucks Marketing and Business Strategy

At the time of its creation, Starbucks became the sole competitor in the mobile coffee market. Although it began by simply selling coffee beans for home use, the rapid implementation of coffee preparation and sales launched the company into an unimaginable realm of success. The company expanded exponentially, spreading across...

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Starbucks International Enters Kuwait

In the article ‘Starbucks International enters Kuwait’, Dianne Welsh, Peter Raven and Nasser Al-Mutair explore the possibilities of introducing Starbucks in Kuwait. The authors portray how Nasser makes use of strategic marketing analysis of the product and the use of expert knowledge in determining the success of Starbuck in Kuwait....

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Starbucks Employee Engagement

Employees are an asset that propels the success of a business to reach greater heights. As such, it is important that the organization recognizes this factor and handles its employees with the worth they are. Most companies that come out successful never miss mentioning the contribution of their workforce. This...

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