Over the years I have challenged myself with many different areas of work which has added to my knowledge of the field of my choosing for my career. I first started with my Associates Degree and went on to get my Bachelor of Science, Statistics Degree which has helped me to get to the point in my life that I am at today. The next step that is important and my goal is to apply for graduate school and my Masters Degree in Mathematics and Statistics with graduate diplomas in Financial Engineering.
I am a dedicated, hard working person who puts every effort in accomplishing what I start out to do. I had every intention of continuing my education and acquitting my Masters when I first started on my venture in school and in the working world. Determination is a part of my character that is what has made me the person that I am today. Setting goals and accomplishing them, working hard to learn and advance in the jobs that I have done, and helping others in any way that I can. This is the kind of person that I am, I work hard and challenge myself to further my expectations of myself.

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The relevant coursework and skills that I have studied are: Introduction to Statistics Inference, Introduction to Probability, Finding Relationship in Data, Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis, Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis, Methods for Statistical Learning, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Intermediate Statistics for Applications, Mathematical Computing, Stochastic Processes, Time Series and Forecasting, and Introduction to Econometrics. The description of what each of these classes provided for me is in my resume. All the courses have provided background towards my Masters degree and my goal to be accepted in the graduate program.

My academic experiences have been ongoing in Volunteering Research Analyzing trading strategies. In March 2015 I was involved in Action Movie Box-Office Gross Project based on the simple random samples of action movies collected from the Internet Movie Database. In February 2015 Burnaby House Price Prediction Project based on the data collected from realtylink.com, built a model to predict the asking price of a house.

While studying I also worked at risk analysis internship experiences starting in 2013 for the XXX Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Research and Development Department. At this position I prepared nutrient agar medium for lab use; monitored and controlled the temperature and humidity of the incubator. Observed and assisted with the process of producing a clinical trials report. I then worked for Bureau of Statistics of XXXX Province, General Office in April 2015. My position there provided me with experience in collecting data from each division and prepared monthly financial report, editing tables of household living conditions after urban–rural integration development in preparation for making the Shanxi Statistical Yearbook 2015.

The latest risk analysis internship experience that I work was XXXX Bank May 2015 – June 2015 Risk Management Department. Along with the project manager, I gather and evaluate information for companies applying for a government loan. I would also assist the Anti-Money Laundering Investigation we conducted.

When I am accepted into this Masters program I will work hard to achieve, learn and progress in my educational path that I have chosen. Determination to be the best that I can be is what I will bring to the classroom as I study in this field. My career goals are to complete CFA Level ll during my graduate study as well as additional diplomas in Financial/Risk Analysis.