Reasons for Graduate Study in Industrial EngineeringIndustrial design is a growing profession. With a background in business statistics, I believe that a combination of these two academic qualifications will make me be of high value to the industrial engineering profession. The industrial engineering profession is flexible in that I can apply my statistics knowledge relevantly. Additionally, it is versatile in the kind of work that it does and in the fields where its skill can get utilized. Since industrial engineers’ work can help with cost control by enhancing effectiveness, they are of great interest to employers, including not-for-profit organizations. Industrial engineers are not too specialized like other engineers. Therefore, they are employable in a broad range of industries, for example, consulting and engineering services, research and development companies, manufacturing, and even hospitals. This flexibility comes from the fact that industrial engineers’ skills concentrate on minimizing internal expenses that make their work valuable to many industries. Industrial engineers are problem solvers. The problem-solving aspect of engineering entails: deciding the most appropriate location in a manufacturing plant; developing computer-incorporated manufacturing systems and decision support structures for combining information and control between manufacturing systems, production and inventory control, applied operations research, human factors and much more.

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How your Previous Studies and Experience have Prepared you for the Program
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics. Statistics is a type of mathematics, and it is undoubtedly the case that math and engineering go together. Engineering is a very commonsensical as a field of study and practice in the industry. Statistics helps to support any action or decision. From such a perspective, risks are never taken because they are founded on facts and hard math. Most engineering projects have to be accurately calculated with every minute detail recorded for it to work out and fit well together.

I am currently doing free research in analyzing trading strategies using twenty–‐year historical prices for NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, HANG SENG Index, and S&P/TSX Composite Index. The field of statistics is about the collection, submission, analysis, and utilization of data for the purpose of solving problems, making decisions, and developing products and processes. Since many aspects of engineering practice entail working with data, some knowledge of statistics is crucial to any engineer. In particular, statistical techniques can be an excellent tool to help in creating new products and designs, enhance existing models, and designing, developing and improving production processes in the field of industrial engineering.

The statistical models that I have learned will come in handy for industrial engineering quality control and quality assurance later on in the business.

Career Objectives
My career objective is to develop at a professional level as an industrial statistician in the industrial engineering field. In my capacity, I want to apply the knowledge and the skills that I have acquired in statistics and those that I will gain in industrial engineering to offer a unique service that will allow me to improve production processes.

I believe that a combination of statistics and industrial engineering knowledge will present numerous opportunities. Its vast possibilities and immediate results are what I find to be most exciting about industrial engineering. Keeping an explorative way of thinking and inquisitive mindset is essential to a continuous learning process. The reason I want to pursue graduate study with a statistics background is to refine my skills and develop new ones in engineering. I feel that the industrial engineering graduate program will give my career goal of becoming and industry statistician the right move at research-oriented or production fields. I also intend to keep conducting research at an academic and commercial setting. This degree will help me realize that goal.