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Elaboration is a statistical analysis process that is used to learn more information about the relationship between two variables (Frankfort-Nachmias & Leon-Guerrero, 2015). Elaboration requires that one introduces control variables in order to control for the new, control variable’s effects on the two variables that are being studied (Frankfort-Nachmias &...

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What I Learned About Statistics

The process of data analysis is critical in drawing valid observations from collected data. Data analysis is a major step in any research as it is the process through which, one can draw valid observation from collected data. During the class, I learnt that it is only through data analysis...

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Statistics in the Real World

While statistics may appear to some people as a mere nuisance of a subject that bears no resemblance to the real life, it actually has a lot of real-world applications and surrounds us on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to at least understand the basics so that we...

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Independent Variable

An independent variable is the variable that the experimenter manipulates in a formal experiment. An independent variable does not change when another variable changes. For example, an independent variable in an experiment could be a subject’s age. Other factors such as how much food the subject consume, how much they...

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Using Statistics to Fool Juries

When asked the question about the coin toss, I chose answer A. Not because I knew the answer, but because I had to pick one. I figured that answer B being equal was not the answer. It would have been too easy. I thought the answer was not C because...

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Uses of Statistical Information

Statistics is very essential in the place of work in the world today. The statistics are used to promote various operations that can promote the strategic planning and decision making. Statists are very essential in the collection of facts that are very essential in the generation of information. The statistics...

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Statistics in Criminal Justice

With the inordinate amount of data available, and countless numbers of statistical models for use in analyzing this data, it might seem logical to assume the ability to predict performance in a wide variety of disciplines including financial markets, law enforcement, and nature. However, because of the inherent inability to...

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Statistical Analysis In Business

Statistics is the study of collecting, collating, analysing and interpreting information, patterns, rules or themes from that data. The two types of statistical analysis that are used to achieve different goals with a set of data are: • Descriptive statistics; self explanatory as one analyses a piece of data so...

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Statistical Methodologies

The different statistical methodologies help to determine what a researcher is attempting to measure. Descriptive statistics is often used to gain demographic information. This further helps the researcher to determine whom the sample is reflective of. For example, a manager may want to gain the customer’s perception of the customer...

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Sampling Methods in Statistics

Abstract In order to quantitatively analyze information within a dataset or population, statistical sampling tools should be employed. The application of various applicable tools will allow researchers to derive conclusions pertaining to the dataset collected. Subsequently, Cluster Sampling, Stratified Sampling and Systemic Sampling are effective tools in statistics that may...

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Big Data Analytics

This study focuses on how Big Data analytics influence the decision making process to enhance business performance. Additionally, the research study objectives are to: explore theoretical consumer behavior discourse concerning the subject matter, including the technology acceptance model (TAM); examine expert-reviewed literature within the last five years in order to...

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Types of Statistical Tests

This study examines the relationship between student scores on a measure of anxiety and the number of hours each student spent studying. The expectation is that students who are more anxious will spend more time studying. The best statistic for this study is correlation, since the correlation indicates whether the...

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Central Limit Theorem

Part A The Central Limit Theorem is important for a number of reasons. First, because the Central Limit Theorem makes a claim about the normal distribution of a large number of values, it suggests the appropriateness of using parametric forms of statistical analysis (such as the independent samples t test)...

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Descriptive Statistics

What is the probability for:10 members of the 50-member sample were grade E males. The probability of being a male in grade E is 10/50 or 1/5. There is a 20% chance that a grade E male will be selected at random. 10 members of the 25-member part of the...

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Statistical Methods and Results

Using Statistical Software for Social Scientist (SPSS) the data that was collected was analyzed. After being coded the SPSS was able to find values such as frequency, percentage, valid percentage and cumulative percentage. Questions that were not answered in the survey were treated as though the values were missing and...

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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is a term given to the analysis of data that helps describe, data in a meaningful way such a way that patterns can emerge from the data but simply it is a way to describe the data (Lund, 2013). Venkataraman (2015) uses a descriptive statistics to acquired data...

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Statistical Evidence Review

I believe that the descriptive statistics in “The Relationships among Anxiety, Anger, and Blood Pressure in Children” sufficiently describes the major key variables and background characteristics of the sample. It shows that 264 children from grades kindergarten to sixth were recruited from 5 different schools. It also states that though...

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Reflection on the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

The ANOVA test was the hardest part of topics learned in class throughout the course. Thus, when preparing for the exams, I knew well that I needed to master the principles of the Analysis of variance to increase my chances of passing. The ANOVA encompasses a great deal of subtopics...

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