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Big Data Analytics

This study focuses on how Big Data analytics influence the decision making process to enhance business performance. Additionally, the research study objectives are to: explore theoretical consumer behavior discourse concerning the subject matter, including the technology acceptance model (TAM); examine expert-reviewed literature within the last five years in order to...

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Types of Statistical Tests

This study examines the relationship between student scores on a measure of anxiety and the number of hours each student spent studying. The expectation is that students who are more anxious will spend more time studying. The best statistic for this study is correlation, since the correlation indicates whether the...

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Central Limit Theorem

Part A The Central Limit Theorem is important for a number of reasons. First, because the Central Limit Theorem makes a claim about the normal distribution of a large number of values, it suggests the appropriateness of using parametric forms of statistical analysis (such as the independent samples t test)...

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Descriptive Statistics

What is the probability for:10 members of the 50-member sample were grade E males. The probability of being a male in grade E is 10/50 or 1/5. There is a 20% chance that a grade E male will be selected at random. 10 members of the 25-member part of the...

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Statistical Methods and Results

Using Statistical Software for Social Scientist (SPSS) the data that was collected was analyzed. After being coded the SPSS was able to find values such as frequency, percentage, valid percentage and cumulative percentage. Questions that were not answered in the survey were treated as though the values were missing and...

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