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HIV Related Stigma in the U.S.

Stigma has profound effect on people with Aids (PWAs) globally. PWAs experience discrimination, avoidance by strangers, rejection from homes, and physical abuse (Herek et al., 2002). Because of the fear of stigma, PWAs have refused to visit healthcare facilities for testing. In the United States, there is growing ostracism and...

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Stella Young

Stella Young, while claiming not to be an inspiration, helped me to think of ways in which the general population stereotypes different groups and how my own experiences here in the United States, as well as at home in the UAE, have felt these stereotypes. I too have passed judgment...

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Bias and Stereotype

I think I have a lot of biases that I haven’t exactly understood nor recognized until now. While I think that biases and stereotyping are mostly negative, I do believe that these things are part of everyday life and are bred from society and the norms that form with it....

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Operant Conditioning and Superstitious Beliefs

Introduction/History Operant conditioning is largely responsible for many modern superstitions. It is a process of learning whereby the consequences of one’s response determine whether a response is likely to be repeated. Building on the research of Thorndike, who developed a puzzle box examining animal behavior, the father of operant conditioning...

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Thoughts on Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation by Jonathan Lear

In his thoroughly engaging book titled Radical Hope, Jonathan Lear pinpoints a crucial question: how would we respond to the complete and devastating annihilation of our culture? By positioning the reader in the Crow cultural context, Lear identifies how many essential ways of Native-American lifestyles were crushed into oblivion. When...

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