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Nazi Messages

Nazi Energy Conservation CampaignRobertson, Matthew. "Origins of World War Two." (2015). Explain The above poster dates back to 1940 and was used by the Nazis in their energy conservation campaigns. The black figure denotes a coal thief symbolizing the wasted energy. In English translations, the message is "there he...

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German Culture stereotypes

This paper will focus on the stereotypes, which are related to one of the great and the most ancient cultures of the world, and namely, the German culture. It will make an attempt to explore the most important factors, which bring about the stereotypes in focus and will also discuss...

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Mexican Stereotypes: Perceptions of Mexicans by Anglos in Texas

De Leon’s book They Called Them Greasers seeks to put forward an impressive history of the ways white people interacted with Mexicans in Texas in the 19th century. This was shortly after Texas had been taken from Mexico, and race relations were certainly something new for all of the people...

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Misconceptions about New York

Writing in 1939, Fiorello La Guardia identified and discussed ten somewhat prevalent beliefs about New York City that he thought to be incorrect (La Guardia). Though La Guardia was certainly well-informed about his city, some of the claims about New York that he defends are not backed-up with anything like...

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Asian-American Stereotypes and the Challenges They Create

In the United States, it is well-established that generally Asian Americans have done well from a social, economic, and academic perspective. There are many stereotypes about this population that contribute to such beliefs, and there is widespread assumption that Asian Americans have overcome past instances of prejudice and discrimination without...

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