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Uncertain Belonging: Being Jewish in Argentina after the AMIA Bombing

From the Spanish colonial era to the present, the experience of Jews in Argentina has often been one of “uncertain belonging” (Lesser and Rein, 2010, 149). Even in periods where some came to consider themselves Argentines first and Jews second a sense of otherness lingered. The bombing of the Asociación...

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When America First Met China

The ultimate point which Eric Dolin aims to prove in this book is that Chinese culture is incomprehensible, or nearly so, to the uneducated Westerner, and that attempting to apply our perspectives to China today — or two hundred years ago — will result in a tangle of fetishization, Orientalism,...

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The American Dream: Alive or Dead?

The given critical essay aims to answer the question: “Is the American Dream still alive?” More specifically, it is the main thought of this paper that Americans are highly driven by consumerism, instant gratification, and materialism. To satisfy these needs and wishes they oftentimes turn to loans. It all ends...

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