Each individual has a purpose. Some people are born to become great employees, parents, and friends. These individuals will not necessarily achieve much in life; however, they will leave an important mark on the community they belong to. They constitute the most fundamental layer of society. On the other hand, there certain individuals, who might not fit the community well. However, they are unique and the impact they have on the global culture is enormous. These people often become politicians, social activists or leaders. To become successful at what they do, this type of individuals must possess effective communication skills. Thus, they have to make sure that they can convey ideas, and people understand them well. In this paper, I will analyze communication skills of Steve Paul Jobs, an outstanding leader, founder of Apple Inc.
It is hard to underestimate an importance of effective communication skills in global business today. The world is becoming more globalized, which means that the workforce is increasingly getting more complex. In some large corporations, it is possible to meet employees from all around the globe. Also, businesses are becoming more challenging as well. Instead of manufacturing a product in one country and selling it to neighboring economies, as it used to be the case one day, companies have to engage in a number of perplexing activities, like looking for investors, cooperating with other ventures, outsourcing their production facilities, and remaining socially responsible. The complexity of global business nowadays calls for outstanding leaders, who are also effective communicators.
First, effective communication on behalf of a company’s management helps to unify the workforce. Employees from different cultures are very likely to have varying perspectives on corporate responsibility, negotiation styles, and performing job duties. However, an effective communicator is able to transmit corporate vision and values to employees with different perspectives. Thus, instead of arguing about ways of doing something, they understand the way a company operates and what its management demands.

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Second, effective communication helps to maintain good relationships with the public, which is enormously important, as many markets nowadays adhere to the rules of capitalism; thus, the profitability of one’s venture strongly depends on the relationship and choices of people.

Third, leaders with outstanding communication skills are able to motivate and inspire their employees. The current business environment is very demanding, challenging and might be frustrating for some people. However, a good manager is able to transmit his vision and passion to the workers. This attitude will help to go through difficult times and beat unfavorable market conditions; thus, it enhances the company’s chances of becoming an industry leader.

Currently, Apple Inc. is the most valuable company in the world (Forbes, 2015). However, not so long ago, this venture was just an idea in the mind of a great visionary, Steve Jobs. When he first saw a computer prototype of his friend, Steve Wozniak, Jobs realized that it is a product, which can change the world (Isaacson, 2011). This product became his passion, which he later communicated to the whole organization. Throughout the history of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs faced numerous difficulties; however, his ability to communicate his vision and inspire others brought the company to its current position. There are several characteristics of Steve Jobs’ communication, which I believe had a strong impact on his leadership career.

First, Steve Jobs was extremely passionate about his idea. It started a long time ago when he had to convince Steve Wozniak that this idea will be successful. Later, this passion helped Steve Jobs to find investors, as neither Steve Wozniak nor Steve Jobs had money to fund their venture (Isaacson, 2011). The audience could easily notice his excitement about the new, pioneering products that Apple Inc. presented. He would often use words as “gorgeous”, “cool”, and “amazing” to describe innovations, which showed how enthusiastic he was about it. If the founder were not excited about his project, no one else would be. The passion of Steve Jobs and his ability to communicate it to the audience had an enormous impact on Apple Inc, as it built people’s trust and enthusiasm about the company’s inventions and its global vision.

Second, Steve Jobs strived for simplicity; thus, he completely changed the way people gave public presentations. He used very simple PowerPoint slides and preferred pictures to words. It gave the audience an opportunity to understand better the product, its features, and what they mean for the person himself, instead of listening to large amounts of unnecessary information. The presentations he gave were very personal. From time to time, Steve Jobs would include an interesting story to get the audience’s attention and state an important point. Also, he never avoided having fun. Thus, in 2007, during his very first iPhone presentation, Steve Jobs called Starbucks to demonstrate a feature of the product. He said, “I’d like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please. No, just kidding. Wrong number. Bye bye.” (The Singju Post, 2014). The audience enjoyed it, which influenced their general mood about an iPhone and the presentation. Also, Steve Jobs liked to include inspirational ideas. Thus, he always strived to make an audience feel the best emotions possible, associated with the company and its products.

Third, Steve Jobs could well explain the benefit of using Apple products. It was one of the factors, which drastically impacted sales. People buy products become of the value they have. However, very often individuals do not notice these benefits right away. They might be loyal to the old products or unwilling to leave their comfort zone. It takes good communication skills to prove consumers that they need a particular product. Steve Jobs had enormous success at doing it. As a result, Apple managed to become the most valuable company in the world (Forbes, 2015). Also, it is able to enjoy cost premium pricing in an industry, where the majority of its competitors are trying to decrease prices as much as possible. Despite the fact that company participates in very aggressive and competitive markets, it continues to enjoy its firm, profitable position. This characteristic of the Apple Inc. is possible only because Steve Jobs was able to communicate his vision and the value of the company’s products successfully. Thus, consumers trusted him and continue doing so.

Effective communication is among the most important skills that every leader must possess. As exemplified in the leadership of Steve Paul Jobs, it helps to solve numerous issues. First, it helps to create a team, inspire them, and find investors, who are willing to sponsor the project. Second, it makes it possible for the company to go through all the challenges and obstacles that the business world has. Third, it helps to ensure the company’s financial stability and the perceived value of its products. Consumers might need a product; however, it takes a successful leader with good communication skills to make them passionate and explain why then need a particular one.

In conclusion, I enjoyed working on this assignment, as it made me study an example of a successful leader and analyze a feature of character, which greatly contributed to the success of the organization he created. Effective communication is among the most demanded and crucial characteristics that managers should possess to become successful in the modern global business world.

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