When most people think of bullying, they will often associate it with something that takes place in the school yard or online. In many cases, they assume that it is isolated to children and teenagers. Once they become older, is the point these behaviors are abandoned as the person matures and grows. However, the reality is that bullying is an occurrence which is happening regularly in the workplace. The topic was selected, as no one really talks about these events until some kind of tragedy takes place (such as: a workplace shooting). (Rayner, 2012)
To deal with these issues, we are focusing on the scope of problem by reaching out to managers, employees, family and friends. They are influential in reporting the incident and taking action to ensure that supervisors are dealing with the problem. This memo was created to illustrate how it is an issue that can no longer be overlooked by employers. Instead, they have to take preemptive action to address the root causes of the problem. As a result, it is an excellent way of communicating about how the problem exists, what constitutes bullying and which steps that must be taken immediately. (Rayner, 2012)

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This is achieved by showing how various studies determined that bullying is common in workplace where there are deeper seeded emotional issues in the aggressor and a culture of tolerance. To prevent this, it is imperative to inform everyone about these issues and how they can deal with them over the long term. This requires educating stakeholders about what is happening and slowly changing their perceptions. Once this occurs, is when they can be able to create effective anti bullying policies. Over the course of time, this will ensure that the organization is creating a safe and productive atmosphere for everybody. (Rayner, 2012)


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