SNIA is a community that is dedicated to ensuring that networks are trusted solutions across the IT industry. The network has formed a sponsored technical work group such as the Storage Developers Conference and Data Storage Innovation conferences that promote activities that expand on the quality of storage networking in the industry. Secondly, it has built and maintained a vendor neutral center in Colorado Springs. It hopes to create a safe space for data transmission and storage solutions.

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FCIA is an international-based organization whose sole aim is to help in the promotion of Fiber Channel Technology. It also has working groups and committees that are responsible for publicizing Fiber Technology. In addition to this, they draw out roadmaps that are aimed at vertical and horizontal markets with a focus on data storage. Other services offered include: video networking and storage area network management.

American National Standards Network is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the voluntary consensus standards of processes, systems, products and workforce within the United States of America. It liaises with other organizations to make sure that American standards are aligned with those of the world. This is so as to facilitate the movement of products 2006, the organization launched a website portal that is an online resource facility which promotes fair and open trade between international markets with a special focus on standards, technical regulations and conformity. The site has been successful in showing content for China, Korea and India. It plans to expand this content to other regional areas (“Introduction to ANSI,” 2016).

The international Engineering Task Force develops and promotes voluntary internet standards. These standards are focused on those that compromise internet protocol suite. It has contributed to maintaining these standards by availing documents freely on the website. In addition to that, multiple implementations have been put in effect in order to facilitate proposed specifications. It also has operators, vendors and designers who develop architecture that ensures smooth operation of the internet.

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