Storedot has demonstrated various prototypes of the nanodot battery that can be used in smartphones. With the interaction of people and the technology, the battery could lead to a change in the interaction with the portable electronics and even the realization of a fast charging electric car. Quite a long time is taken so as to recharge batteries and, therefore, the chemical reactions that take place lead to the depletion of the battery. The use of the nanodot battery will ensure that the cells are both safe to use and energy efficient. It could bring the charge times into the order of very few seconds. The cells are synthesized chemically, and they are of a tiny size that leads to an improvement in the electrode capacitance. The final result of the nanodot batteries is batteries that can be fully charged fast not in hours, but just in a matter of seconds. The nanodot batteries are cheap to manufacture.

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Storedot intends to make batteries that can be used in smartphones in the market. The battery is designed to have a larger capacity compared to the regular batteries in smart phones. A few pattents are to be submitted to the various technology companies with the aim of producing these cells in large masses for Smartphone batteries by the end of the year 2016. The nanodot batteries are also aimed at solving the car battery problems. They will bring about electric vehicles that will have batteries that are more powerful, efficient and save energy significantly.

Needs that cause the target market buy the product?
Batteries that take long to be fully recharged are stressful and therefore very irritating to the users of smartphones. In consideration of this, the users of Smartphones would like to have a phone battery that would serve their needs promptly. A battery that could charge fast and take just 30 seconds to be fully charged. The consumers demand more and more of their smartphones and mobile devices. People have become so dependent on technology, and, therefore, the use of the nanodot batteries will be helpful in improving the batteries’ performance and the efficiency of their mobile devices.

The number of Smartphone user is over two billion, and they all are separate to ensure that the charge in the batteries does not run out. People also wish to have a less bulky device that is more efficient. The small batteries made by Storedot have the potential to solve this problem. The reason is that; the batteries will be able to deliver the charge for long to the users. People are often chasing the power outlets, and Storedot is aiming at solving this big problem. The discovery of these batteries is a breakthrough in the technology industry, and it will be beneficial to the market since this is what many people prefer.

The electric car industry is not yet fully developed and is still in the infancy stages. A battery that can be charged in minutes rather than the usual long time that is needed to charge the batteries will be a great transformation to the distance that can be undertaken. It is in the interests of the consumers and the market. People will not have to wait for a long period to have their cars fuelled; they will just need to fill the car with electricity and move on with their journey. It will revolutionize the entire market of the electric vehicles.

Storedot uses the bioorganic approach where they use the biological and organic materials to come up with the batteries. It is acceptable to the market because it uses materials that are not harmful to the environment.

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