In the competitive business environment, organizations are utilizing all their means to ensure that they thrive. In fact, this is evident in the article where communities are engaged in the running or the firm. The information contained in the article provides what should be done to ensure changes are shifted from group homes to individualized support. Several factors are responsible changes in firms. However, what is explicit is that organizations are changing their approaches to utilizing new methods to their running.
Organizing and managing are some of the factors that are required that promote. The management should make informed decisions concerning the direction a firm should follow. It is vital that companies strategize how to achieve their objectives. New ways of thinking and perceiving things in different ways are other aspects that favor that enhance change. The generation of universal values and commitment to change are other factors that promote change. In fact, when stakeholders have shared valued, they are united, and they work toward achieving the common goal. Another factor that is critical to separate housing and utilize the person-centred approach to support change. The individual-centered approach is helpful because each problem is handled efficiently. Flexibility, creativity, as well as the promotion of community connections and relations is crucial to the development of companies. If organizations consider the factors discussed above, there is the likelihood that they will have a competitive advantage.

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However, the fact that there are factors that promote change does not imply that there are no challenges. First, there is no universal model for organizational change, implying that each of them has to develop its proper framework based on its particular personalities, experiences, and circumstances. State policy poses one of the significant challenges to transformation. For example, the funding level is inadequate to support persons with essential needs in the community. Additionally, funding mechanisms are not sufficient for individualized support. Nurse Practice Act also causes serious issues because only registered nurses are delegated duties. Some firms find it hard to self-regulate themselves because of complex regulation.