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My Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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#1. Tenacious: My greatest strength is tenacity. I lost contact with my parents and had to rely on myself without any financial and mental support from the family. But I didn’t give up and used the hardships to become self-reliant and mentally stronger. The experiences taught me to keep an eye on the bigger picture so that I have the incentive to keep going.

#2. Adaptability: I realize change is not a comfortable fact of life. But I embrace change because it helps me recover from adversities. I believe the best way to deal with a problem is not to avoid or resist it but counter it and adapt accordingly. The world doesn’t stop moving just because we are struggling.

#3. Critical thinking: When making a decision, I put greater emphasis on hard facts and logic than emotional reasoning and intuition. While emotions and intuitions may be useful at times, they lead to low quality decisions more often than not. Hard facts and logic also help me minimize the impact of personal bias.

#1. Delegating tasks: I have a hard time delegating responsibilities and tasks to others because I want things done a certain way. I need to learn to delegate tasks to others because I have realized there are often many ways to accomplish the same task. Moreover, others may come up with a better way of doing something and it will also benefit me by teaching me new things.

#2. Communication: I have an indirect communication style. While it does help me relay bad news in an appropriate manner, it also creates communication problems when the other party may take my words literally. Thus, I need to adapt my communication style, depending upon the cultural background of the other party.

#3. Difficulty in saying ‘no’: I need to develop a habit to say ‘no’ when the circumstances require so. I often end up taking more responsibilities than I can handle because I find it hard to say ‘no’. Similarly, I may end up doing favors to people that may impose personal costs on me. There are times when saying ‘no’ is the best policy.