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Stress and Depression

Depression in a Hispanic Male

The case in question involves a 31-year-old male presenting with a history of depression. He reports history of depressive symptoms along with various life stressors relating to the death of his mother, bullying, and the difficulties associated with living in a non-native country. Like many others, this individual originally sought...

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Application: Psychosocial Issue in Adolescents

Adolescents are subjected to various challenges in their development because of their physiological and biological orientations. Depression is one of the most common psychosocial issues among the adolescents in the society today. Depression among the adolescents is characterized by high level of stress that is brought about by the engagements...

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Adolescent Girls’ Understanding and Management of Depression within their Peer Group

Many adolescent girls experience different forms of depression, but they rarely obtain mental health treatment because of the stigma among their peers that they fear might occur as related to depression (Pinto-Foltz, Hines-Martin, & Logsdon, 2010). It is estimated that up to 41 percent of all high school girls had...

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Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling

Mental health counselors provide help to people facing anxiety, depression, and issues generally related to some response on their part with which they are unhappy. They come to counselors for assistance in sorting out the reasons for their issues. As such, mental health counselors are required to apply certain characteristics...

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Reduce Stress Through Writing

This is an article review of “Stress Management Through Written Emotional Disclosure Improves Academic Performance Among College Students With Physical Symptoms” by Mark A. Lumley and Kimberly M. Provenzano. It was published by the Journal of Educational Psychology in 2003. The article examines the effects of using writing to overcome...

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Major Depressive Disorder Case Study Report

Topic #1 In the instance of Morris, it is clear that the proper diagnosis for this patient is that of Major Depressive Disorder. Morris is unable to hold back his tears, even when he is being interviewed for the first time by a new psychiatric health care worker, and it...

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Cognitive Causes of Depression

Depression is an emotional mental state that, at normal levels, can be described as an overall low mood. When it occurs as an expected reaction to life stressors, it is part of the everyday ups and downs of the human experiences. In some cases, depression can occur at a level...

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Morality of Suicide

The issues and responses to the treatment of and support for those suffering from mental illness, including clinical depression, are complex, diverse, and at times, in opposition to each other. Many moral, ethical, religious, cultural, and personal debates have taken place over the topic of suicide, whether it is physician-assisted...

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Postnatal Depression in Dads

The birth of a baby is characterized with a series of powerful emotions. The emotions vary across all sensations that range from joy, fear to anxiety. However, this can also result in unexpected emotions like stress and depression. Postnatal depression can be described as an intense clinical depression that is...

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Effects of Pregnancy on the Body

For many years, women have become pregnant even though this process can take quite a toll on her body. Pregnancy can be described as the most rewarding time in a woman’s life despite the changes she goes through. It is during pregnancy that a woman can connect with another human...

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Death Anxiety

Sinoff, (2017) in his study titled “Thanatophobia (Death Anxiety) in the elderly: the Problem of the child’s inability to Assess their Own Parent’s Death Anxiety state” aimed to understand phenomenon that relates to the presence of death anxiety in non-terminally elderly inpatients and their children. The author asserts that death...

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Stress Levels vs. Alcohol Levels

Introduction Time and again, college students face different kinds of stressors comprising financial problems, time management, social activities like school clubs, sleep deprivation and even supporting families (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). As a result, many of them engage in alcohol intake (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). This study explores...

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Dealing with Stress

Dealing with stress entails recognizing that most people that a nurse comes into contact with, including him or herself, is experiencing some level of stress. Stress can come from home, from work, from illness, or any number of other important arenas in an individual’s life. Recognizing the signs of stress...

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Burnout and Stress

Addiction counseling is one of the most challenging jobs in the mental health profession. In addition to treating the client suffering from a substance abuse disorder, addiction counselors are often called upon to work in collaboration with individuals in other professions, such as attorneys, public assistance workers, employees in vocational...

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Stress and Play on the Young Child’s Brain

Introduction Introductory sentence: - The term ‘’stress’’ is common among people, especially adults. Definition of stress: - People define stress differently, but Cohen et al. (2013) terms it as a state of mind during tense moments characterized by demands, constraints, or opportunities. Types of stress: - stress may be positive...

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Stress Essay

Not sure about the right way to write about stress and its implications on the individual? We've prepared a great stress essay sample for this purpose! Dewe & ODriscoll (2002) acknowledge that many studies indicate that stress leads to negative individual and organizational effects with various interventions developed to control,...

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Loneliness Essay

Loneliness is a modern "disease" of our society, which became a global problem both in developed and urbanized countries. The development of technology and science generate various phobias and sociological problems (Molloy, 2017). People often become self-absorbed, do not share the experience with others and get obsessed with social networks....

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Nursing Stress Essay

The pressure to deliver puts makes the operation procedures of nurses less efficient. The expanding social expectations and responsibilities, low nurse to patient ratio and more extended shifts, has proven to be a barrier to the provision of outstanding health care (Peck, 2005). The high demand for the healthcare makes...

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Normal Sleep Assignment

Sleep, a biological rhythm, is the most common altered state of consciousness. The sleep-wake cycle takes about 24 hours to complete. Spending about one-third of their time sleeping, most adults needs between seven and nine hours of sleep to function well. When we sleep is controlled by the hypothalamus, which...

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How Anxiety Impacts Growth during the Teen Years

Abstract Adolescents who experience significant anxiety disorders often have difficulty achieving a healthy adult psyche. This paper will examine research on anxiety disorders and how they affect teens, focusing on the definition of anxiety, common anxiety disorders among children and teens, including Separation Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia),...

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