Samples "Stress and Depression"

Stress and Depression

Depression in a Hispanic Male

The case in question involves a 31-year-old male presenting with a history of depression. He reports history of depressive symptoms along with various life stressors relating to the death of his mother, bullying, and the difficulties associated with living in a non-native country. Like many others, this individual originally sought...

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Application: Psychosocial Issue in Adolescents

Adolescents are subjected to various challenges in their development because of their physiological and biological orientations. Depression is one of the most common psychosocial issues among the adolescents in the society today. Depression among the adolescents is characterized by high level of stress that is brought about by the engagements...

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Adolescent Girls’ Understanding and Management of Depression within their Peer Group

Many adolescent girls experience different forms of depression, but they rarely obtain mental health treatment because of the stigma among their peers that they fear might occur as related to depression (Pinto-Foltz, Hines-Martin, & Logsdon, 2010). It is estimated that up to 41 percent of all high school girls had...

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Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling

Mental health counselors provide help to people facing anxiety, depression, and issues generally related to some response on their part with which they are unhappy. They come to counselors for assistance in sorting out the reasons for their issues. As such, mental health counselors are required to apply certain characteristics...

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Reduce Stress Through Writing

This is an article review of “Stress Management Through Written Emotional Disclosure Improves Academic Performance Among College Students With Physical Symptoms” by Mark A. Lumley and Kimberly M. Provenzano. It was published by the Journal of Educational Psychology in 2003. The article examines the effects of using writing to overcome...

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