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Stress and Depression

Death Anxiety

Sinoff, (2017) in his study titled “Thanatophobia (Death Anxiety) in the elderly: the Problem of the child’s inability to Assess their Own Parent’s Death Anxiety state” aimed to understand phenomenon that relates to the presence of death anxiety in non-terminally elderly inpatients and their children. The author asserts that death...

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Stress Levels vs. Alcohol Levels

Introduction Time and again, college students face different kinds of stressors comprising financial problems, time management, social activities like school clubs, sleep deprivation and even supporting families (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). As a result, many of them engage in alcohol intake (O'hara, Armeli, & Tennen, 2015). This study explores...

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Dealing with Stress

Dealing with stress entails recognizing that most people that a nurse comes into contact with, including him or herself, is experiencing some level of stress. Stress can come from home, from work, from illness, or any number of other important arenas in an individual’s life. Recognizing the signs of stress...

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Burnout and Stress

Addiction counseling is one of the most challenging jobs in the mental health profession. In addition to treating the client suffering from a substance abuse disorder, addiction counselors are often called upon to work in collaboration with individuals in other professions, such as attorneys, public assistance workers, employees in vocational...

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Stress and Play on the Young Child’s Brain

Introduction Introductory sentence: - The term ‘’stress’’ is common among people, especially adults. Definition of stress: - People define stress differently, but Cohen et al. (2013) terms it as a state of mind during tense moments characterized by demands, constraints, or opportunities. Types of stress: - stress may be positive...

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