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How Students Become Burnt Out

Being a student is not one of the easiest things one can do in life. Students face very many challenges that cause them to experience study burnout. Burnout is a state where one lacks motivation, constantly exhausted, is cynic and frustrated. Causes of burn out in students include; a lot...

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Enhancing The Process Of Transition Plans For Students With Disabilities

Children with disabilities commonly experience more challenges than non-disabled students when it comes to attaining quality education. Owing to their disabilities, disabled children usually require special services so that they can be able to learn as effectively as their non-disabled peers (Office of Special Education Programs, 2007). This is why...

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Defining the Meaning of a Student

The term “student” is a common word to many of us. The term is regularly used by every household around the world. The term generally refers to an individual who is involved in the acquisition of knowledge from learning institutions: schools, colleges, and universities. However, the meaning of the term...

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Studying Literature Journal

When one studies literature, the student is engaged with what is deemed the classical texts of literature, pieces of writing that are meant to inspire the young student as well as educate them. However, when doing the various readings of these courses, I started to notice a profound difference between...

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Student Loan Debt and How it Affects Personal Finances

Student loan is the type of consumer debt requiring a beneficiary to make necessary payments prior to the due date. Compliance with the set terms allows establishing sound credit history and improving one’s credit score. By nature, student loans come as a sound type of credit, meaning that a person...

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Identifying an Objection and Constructing a Counterargument

Thesis Statement The rules regarding obtaining and repaying college financial aid loans should be completely revised. Potential Objections If graduates were unable to repay their student loans, the government would no longer offer them. Also, the government would not loan money to students if there was no way for them...

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Constructivist Views of Learning

The Theory While constructivism comes in many forms, at its root it describes students’ learning as a process of developing meaning from experiences, ideas, and the interaction between them. That is, social constructivism exposits that people learn by observing others and imitating the observed behavior. However, this also contains ideas...

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Study Skills Self Assessment

I have taken the VARK Questionnaire regarding learning styles, which has confirmed what I have long been told—that I am an aural or auditory learner. In other words, I learn and/or communicate best by listening and/or speaking. My personal preference is to obtain information from spoken sources or sources that...

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Essay for Dental Laboratory School

I want to attend school for dental laboratory technology because I believe I can make a vital difference in the lives of individuals by learning this skill. I heard about the program from a number of sources, including colleagues and the internet. I believe my past experience will greatly benefit...

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Student Attendance and Truancy

Across the country, desks in classrooms are routinely empty, not due to declining enrolment or insufficient funding, but simply because students are no longer showing up consistently in the classrooms. Federal data from the Civil Rights Data Collection indicate that over 14% of students demonstrated chronic truancy in the United...

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“The Coddling of the American Mind” Rhetorical Analysis

In Andrew B. Myers’ “The Coddling of the American Mind,” Myers discusses the quickly escalating issue on college campuses today about students attempting to “scrub” the academic world of discomforting thoughts or ideas that would otherwise be taught. In this article, ethos, pathos, and logos are all employed to effectively...

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Promoting Student Achievement

The learning process has increasingly become complex due to the incorporation of diverse student needs, education objectives, and the changing knowledge needs in the current working environment. As such, there are various proposals to improve student achievement in their respective levels of education depending on their learning capabilities. In this...

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Scholarly Writing and Plagiarism

Using Grammarly and SafeAssign is a very educative and informative experience. The use of the two databases made sure I value the ideals of writing original works right from the top of my head. The two resources also encourage learning and understanding. This is because in order to write original...

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Narrative Argument about Education

DateEducation is considered one of the pillars of social, economic, and cultural development. In fact, education is the only thing that has enabled globalization to become a success. One cannot talk of technology or globalization without realizing the impact or the role of education in these areas. However, do we...

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The Importance of Literacy

Today, literacy is often taken for granted. Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave illuminates the importance of literacy, for those who have ever doubted its significance. Born a slave, Douglass’ narrative and life show just how freeing the capability of literacy is. In addition,...

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Why Is It Important To Have A Mentor

The conclusion does not sound very clear. The same ideas are paraphrased and repeated throughout the text. The only clear idea is that a mentor helps their mentees to make right decisions based on the mentor`s personal experience and skills. It is also stated that a mentor helps people to...

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Why Do International Students Study in the US

Alongside my parents and family, I was required not long ago to make a decision about where I would attend school. I understood then that I was at a crossroads, and the decision I made was going to have a long-term impact on both my life and my career. I...

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International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a standardized international school curriculum. It has existed for almost 50 years and continues to gain recognition by colleges and governments throughout the globe. The IB has risen as a rigorous secondary school program, which attracted over 114,000 graduate candidates two years ago. (Hill and...

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Paying Student Athletes

In the United States, and increasingly around the world, college sports represents a billon dollar industry. Each year, events such as the NCAA basketball tournament and football bowl season are watched by millions, and with these viewers come significant amounts of sponsorship and marketing deals (Sallee, 2018). The money spent...

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The Application Of The Five Senses In Campus

On last Wednesday, I was sitting on the ISU campus. During that time, I have observed several things around me. The things that I have observed were related to the five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. As a human being, nature exposes me various things in...

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