I exist in a society that is highly dominated and guided by cultural perspectives due to existence of people from various cultural backgrounds in various proportions. The cultural setup is one of the most powerful tools used in guiding various social perspectives in the society. This is because most of the activities that I have experienced in the society happen because of people’s strong believes in their cultural values and beliefs. As a result, I have witnessed various cultural entities advance various forms of social stratification in the society. In the society where I belong, I am one of the members of a culture that is sub-dominant. I am a members of the American-Chinese community which is widely a minority when compared to the Native American community.

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As the Chinese community we are subjected to high levels of discrimination in various social and economic entities in the society because of the subcultural dynamics that govern the societal aspects. There is a big gap that exists between the dominant and the subdominant cultures because the dominant culture is heavily manifested in various aspects in the society. An example of an area that has a typical manifestation of the gap is the guidance of all operations and processes in the delivery services in the education and healthcare systems. The Native Americans have taken over all the operations and they dominate and they are also given priorities when it comes to the reception of the services as compared to the Chinese. This is also inspired the fact that the administrators area also tied to the negative cultural ideologies.

As a student, I sometimes feel that there is an urgent need for members of the both the dominant and subdominant cultures to have a proportional chance in the society. One of the practical and realistic ways of managing this phenomena is through various institutions and public entities embracing a multicultural perspective. This is an important undertaking because it promotes the acquisition of diversity in the institution and facilities and this can lead to the equal delivery of services to people from all social and cultural backgrounds (Talbot, 2004).

We should also uphold integrity to humanity by handling all people with the respect they deserve and discouraging any form of prejudice in the society aligning the culture. The creation of culture that reflects diversity in the society is essential because it can assist in improving the social life of the people. As a result, this will make us as the Chinese people in the American society to have the required comfort and coexist with the Native Americans with the required ease.