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Substance Abuse

Drug Testing at the Workplace

Societal attitudes toward drug use have varied throughout diverse eras. Drugs once socially or medicinally acceptable at one time may be illegal and reviled during other eras. With this change in attitude has emerged a fairly consistent policy, both among certain private and government employers, to require drug testing, before...

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The Intersection of Violence, Substance Use, Depression and STDs

The article being critiqued is “The Intersection of Violence, Substance Use, Depression, and STDs: Testing of a Syndemic Pattern Among Patients Attending an Urban STD Clinic” by Senn, Carey, and Vanable (2010). This critique will address data collection and measurement; procedures; data analysis; findings; and summary assessment. The primary objective...

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Treatment in Prisons

The effect of substance use on the criminal justice system is significant. Research studies have constantly proven that illegal drugs and alcohol figure increase in criminal transgression. Over the last few decades, participation in criminal activity and growth of the prison population have contributed the use and abuse of substances....

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Opioids are one of the most lethal and tragic substances that has spread across America. Not only are they damaging American families, but they are damaging American pocketbooks as well. Since 2001, the U.S. opioid crisis has cost one trillion dollars (Allen, 2018). To put it in comparison, the Iraq...

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Drug Prevention Programs

Drug abuse is a common problem in our schools and communities that is perpetuated by drug addiction that is not easily overcome. Drug addiction is a complex disease. It is estimated that substance abuse within the United States costs approximately $600 billion each year ( There is the notion that...

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