Suicide among young adults who are 15 to 24 years of age has increased, and one of the characteristics of the young adults who commit suicide is the theme of difference. Family, culture, and environment predict suicide risk in terms of the data because individuals who are members of minority groups, whether ethnic, racial, religious or sexual orientation, face increased risks (CDC, 2017). While males are more likely to commit suicide, females are more likely to make suicide attempts (CDC, 2017).

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The available statistics do not necessarily accurately represent the evidence. In particular, suicide attempts do not always result in a hospital visit that would publicly record the attempt. Further, successful suicide attempts may be inaccurately reported as accidents.. The individual would have to indicate their suicidal ideation clearly in order for it to be clearly understood as an attempt or suicide. Also, the family may wish to protect the privacy of the individual, leading the suicide or attempt to be hidden or classified differently.

Sexual minority youth challenges such as stigma, discrimination, family disapproval, social rejection, and violence (CDC, 2017). According to the CDC, “more than 40% of LGB students have seriously considered suicide, and 29% reported having attempted suicide during the past 12 months” (CDC, 2017, np). Very high rates of depression in this group appears to contribute to the higher prevalence of suicidal ideation (CDC, 2017).

Another potential cause of suicide according to the scientific literature is poor mental health. Depression, substance abuse, learning disabilities and other mental health issues are all implicated in higher rates of suicide and suicide attempts (CDC, 2017).

One feasible solution to the issue of suicide is better coverage, availability and acceptance of mental health care and treatment. In this way depression and other risks of potential suicidal ideation can be treated before they progress to ending the life of the individual suffering from poor mental health.

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