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Preventing Suicide

Suicide is a tragic and highly preventable problem that is plaguing our nation – in particular, our youth and young adults. The suicide rate has been increasing every year since 2000. As of 2013, there were 12.6 deaths by suicide for every 100,000 people in the American population. As these...

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Suicidal Behaviors

An article by Paul, Tsypes, Eidlitz, Ernhout, & Whitlock (2015) addresses the significance of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs), examining the frequency of NSSI and the risk of suicidal ideation in a participant population of students between the ages of 18 and 29 years. A web-based...

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Suicide Prevention for the Adult and Aging

Suicide is an inherently disturbing, and often inexplicable, subject to society in general. Exacerbating this, moreover, are issues in identifying what motivates suicide in older populations. Assumptions of aging as linked to increased contentment notwithstanding, it is reasonable to believe that the elderly, experienced in life, would be more inclined...

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Suicide and Self-Harm Behavior—Case Study

When working with a client who has recently been diagnosed with HIV/Aids, it is important to understand the increased risk of suicidal ideation he might be experiencing (Zeng, Li, Hong, Zhang, Babbitt, Liu, Li, Qiao, Guo, & Cai, 2018; Bitew, Andargie, Tadesse, Belete, Fekadu, & Mekonen, 2016). A counselor working...

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Suicide in Switzerland

The act of voluntarily taking an individual’s life is the simple description of suicide. For an individual to reach this critical level, it has been discovered that the psychological part of the human composition plays a significant role. This paper focuses on suicide specifically in Switzerland. An interesting comparison in...

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Indicators of Suicide

Some members of the Parker family show signs of suicide. In particular, Stephanie, daughter, 48, is at the highest risk of suicide. Stephanie’s wellbeing has improved in recent years thanks to the prospect of getting a promotion. However, Stephanie is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her life due to constant arguments...

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Assessing Suicide Risk

Dr. Sommers-Flanagan's suicide risk assessment is the true breakthrough in the field of suicide therapy. Its key strength lies on the surface – it is the shift from a solely medical approach towards sociologist approach meaning that more efforts are applied to determining and understanding various reasons and motives behind...

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Family Depression Program

Introduction Depression may arise whenever individuals are unable to handle grief in a positive way. This may be occasioned by the loss of important assets such as businesses, a home, or a family member. Additionally, losing employment may also trigger it. The extended periods of grieving may give way to...

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Suicide Research Paper

Suicide and attempted suicides affect individuals of all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds but those in lower socioeconomic status groups are disproportionately represented in these occurrences. According to the American Public Health Association (2018) fact sheet for preventing suicide, this healthcare issue costs the United States approximately $93.5 billion in loss...

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Islam: Suicide Bombing

In terms of political discourse, Islam has become known for many things over the last few decades. Depending upon one’s perspective and agenda, it may be possible to discuss Islam in terms of its political impact and the practical actions of its adherents. These discussions invariably center on things like...

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