The video clip presents information about the biggest engineering structures in the world and the ingenious technological advancements, which make it possible for them to exist (BigBiggerBiggest N.P).

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The first technological advancement is the elevator. It replaces the staircase and eases upward mobility in skyscrapers. The current technology has a safety lock in the event of a power shortage, preventing free fall. The second is the materials needed for buddings taller than 80 meters. Skyscrapers need steel columns and beams to replace stone as a building material because it is stronger and lighter. Burj Dubai used a mixture of steel and stone to facilitate flexible joints at high levels to prevent bents and racks.

The third leap is that of cooling the structures because the glass on the walls heats the building. The air conditioning machine allows cooling and moisturizing of the hot air in hot weather. The glass in Burj allows reflection of UV rays while air conditioning cools the rooms. The fourth advancement is the building speed. Slowed speed increases the cost. The solution is prefabricated sections assembled on site. The jumping kangaroo crane helps to lift the massive structures to high levels.

The fifth impediment is wind. Huge wind forces bend steels and sway the structures. The use of exoskeleton allows the building to be rigid. However, the higher structures such as Burj have sections designed to deflect the wind.

The next leap to prevent the damages of an earthquake is to increase building elasticity. The last leap forward is that of evacuation in emergencies such as terrorism attack. For the Burj, refuge rooms can withstand fire for two hours. The sealed rooms stop smoke entry and provide protection for residents before firefighters arrive. Additionally, an early warning system allows high-powered fans to push air to stairways to ensure the evacuation route is clear and visible.

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