Nuclear engineering is an engineering field that is designed to equip the learners with skills that they can utilize to make contributions to the world nuclear enterprise. More specifically, nuclear engineering empowers the students to excel in various nuclear engineering related fields such as the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear reactors amongst other areas that are related to nuclear technology. Successful nuclear engineers are equipped with techniques that will not only assist the academically; it also provides them with opportunities for taking part in research studies that are aimed at improving the nuclear industry to significant levels. Additionally, nuclear engineering enables the students to participate in lifelong learning activities that can enhance their advancement techniques in the field of nuclear engineering. Upon graduation, nuclear engineers are supposed to apply the knowledge that they have attained on atomic nuclei to consequently design, build and even operate specialized nuclear equipment that is of significance to the people. Some of the applications that the graduate students are likely to take part in include plasma science, radiation detection, fission power, nuclear materials and nuclear power. Nonetheless, nuclear engineers are required to uphold a high degree of professionalism and technicality in their undertakings because a majority of these applications require knowledge that overlaps. The fact that nuclear energy can be life threatening means that nuclear engineers have an obligation to uphold a high degree of integrity by ensuring that they follow the right nuclear activities development protocols. In fact, the current technological advances have empowered the nuclear engineers to undertake their duties using computer modeling systems and programs. The engineers are also subjects to regulation because the fact that they have been trusted with nuclear activities means that they should protect the members of the public from harm. Finally, nuclear engineering depends on collaboration and teamwork. Thus, the professionals should be in a position to co-exist in team environments to necessitate their duties.

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