Marketing is considered as a means of delivering value to all the customers. It is mainly tasked with the role of satisfying their needs and further in the achievement of long-term profitability for any industry. Particularly, this article aims at analyzing the marketing strategies that alcohol industry employ in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure that customers are well satisfied and policies put in place are followed.

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It is quite evident that people in the Caribbean and Latin America tend to use restrictions on alcohol marketing as the best way to reduce any form of alcohol-related harm. To achieve this, it is therefore important to research on the marketing strategies employed and what the consumers feel about the strategies employed. Ideally, all the marketing strategies need to be investigated, to determine whether the strategies need to be improved or regulated depending on the level of good or harm the consumers feel about it. Across the world, most alcohol industries’ revenue is spent on marketing their products, which may be of great significance in developing countries. It is quite evident that marketing is used as the main brand switching and capturing marketing share agent.

The article lays emphasis on the importance of marking strategies, which play an important role in ensuring that customers or consumers are satisfied but not harmed by the drinking patterns. As a result, it is of great significance to effectively document and critically evaluate the impact of marketing strategies mainly used by alcoholic industries in the said region. It is established that six main marketing strategies employed by the alcohol industry that needs to be investigated include promotion of the product among a specific group, innovations of the product, lifestyle marketing, designs used in packaging, activities initiated to increase the number of drinking occasions and lastly the constant use of social media as a marketing tool.

Noteworthy, the article proposes the use of theory to prevent the harm imposed by use of marketing strategies by alcohol industries. The main theories used include marketing bans and availability restrictions, which operates at customer’s level. The article further suggests that the marketing strategies used by alcoholic industries to promote their products need to develop a comprehensive approach which will help in the process of identifying the upstream and downstream mechanisms to be employed.

In conclusion, the article suggests that the use of measures, theories and research designs can also be used as tools for initiating statutory regulations. On the other hand, the article emphasize the need for future research to test hypothesis derived from relevant theories employed in marketing to inform the policy making process.
In every business, there is need to identify the objectives, the process and the scope of marketing, which is an important tool in ensuring the success of the organization. Particularly, there is need to identify the role of the customer in marketing. However, the marketing strategies employed should be investigated especially for the alcohol industry as discussed above. Importantly, goods and services are often provided to meet customer needs by providing satisfaction on a continuous basis.

Therefore, I believe that marketing as a strategy plays a significant role in inclusion of people, places, and ideas thus evolving in various phases. It is therefore important to mention that marketing in any given industry has gave birth to what most business people call marketing concept, which further plays a significant role in ensuring that customers are satisfied with the goods and services provided. However, caution should be placed on the manner in which the goods and services are marketed to prevent any form of harm to the consumers.