The progressive amendments are U.S constitution amendments that began from the 1890s to 1920s. The amendments were connected with some sort of optimism and were seen as means to improve both the government and the society. They include the 16th amendment that enabled levying income tax by the federal government. The 17th amendment was about changing senators by popular vote, while the 18th amendment prohibited the manufacture, transportation or consumption of alcohol. The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote in local, federal and state elections (Scott, 2013).

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The 19th amendment in my view brought a major turnaround in the history of the U.S, not because women were given the power to vote, but the impact that women voting brought to the American society. According to Zahradníková (2010), the act brought justice to the American society which enhanced a sense of belonging. The second reason is that the amendment helped change the society in terms of equality. When women vote, they move along the path to greater equality, belonging and it gives them a chance to play important roles in the society. The equality that is being witnessed in the modern day society would not have been possible were it not for the 19th amendment.

Prior to the 19th amendment, women played a major role in helping end slavery. This was seen when they joined and helped the abolitionist movement. They wrote articles, circulated pamphlets that advocated for the end of slavery. Still, women were being discriminated against and therefore they had to politicize the issue of women rights. Although the original intent of the 19th amendments was to make women equal to men in all aspect of the constitution, women in the modern society continue to fight for further equality since they feel they are still underprivileged compared to men.