Ireland is one of the most fascinating countries in my opinion. It is impossible to understand American history without a mention of Irish immigrants. The influence of Irish culture on America is evident in our lifestyles, food, and festivals including Saint Patrick’s Day. Despite this, I feel I have indequate knowledge of the country, its history, its people, and its culture. This is why I am particularly excited about this program because it will allow me to learn more about Ireland in a native setting, and it will also help me recognize myths I might have about Ireland.
I love the fact that the courses I expect to take during summer abroad in Dublin will not only introduce me to Ireland’s historical evolution since the 18th century but also improve my knowledge of Irish literature. Irish literary giants such as W. B. Yeats and James Joyce are even known to those who have little or no interest in literature. I cannot think of a better way to learn about another country than to actually visit it, interact with the locals, and firsthand experience different aspects of culture including music, food, festivals, and traditions.

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In addition to allowing me to take highly immersive courses, the program will also help me improve valuable soft skills such as communication, cross-cultural skills, and teamwork skills. Our world is increasingly being shaped by the forces of globalization. Living and studying in Ireland will be a valuable preparation for future academic or work assignments in foreign countries.

I believe my inclusion in the program will also benefit local Irish students as they will learn about local American perspectives. I look forward to a highly productive learning experience in Dublin, Ireland. I hope my experiences will inspire other students to study abroad, too.