Miami Beach is famous for its extensive South Beach area. Its city sits in an area of 7.1 square miles of land and 10 miles of water (MIAMI BEACH 411, n.d). Miami Beach comprises of three beaches namely South, Middle, and North Beaches. Miami residents are known for their spending nature, making Miami Beach to rank as one of the highest-spending regions in the U.S. In fact, Miami residents still capitalize on their popularity by producing their sunscreen product. To promote some of these sunscreen products, manufacturers promise to give some of the proceeds for purposes of local Miami Beach clean-up. To the people of Miami Beach, a number of their preventive and health practices have their origin from their forefathers, who were traditionalists. Miami Beach’s population comprises of people from various races including the white’s, the black Americans, Asians, Mexicans and Cubans among others (MIAMI BEACH 411, n.d).

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This society’s health care beliefs vary widely. Essentially, one’s social class and education level influences the kind of medical help one seeks. There are some residents who believe that illnesses result from supernatural causes while others believe that diseases occur owing to natural causes. A common belief among some locals is that one can become ill if the individual fails to form a good relationship with the Creator. As such, all activities that are inappropriate can lead to severe consequences, as punishment from God. Another common belief is that illness may result from a curse. In such scenarios, one person may wish to cause harm to another person possibly because of envy.

However, other beliefs are that some illnesses are natural. Their symptoms are, therefore, visible in the natural world. According to these traditional views, natural diseases result from environmental factors like food, air, cold heat and gas. Such illnesses include obesity, headache, colds, and fever. These illnesses are preventable by, maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, exercising, keeping warm and keeping clean.

Nevertheless, a vast number of Miami Beach residents enjoy good health. The public health baseline in Miami Beach perfect as the residents engage in various physical activities, and they have access to healthy foodstuff. However, some of the lower income residents bear a greater burden of health risk. The survey finds that while most of the residents enjoy good physical health, one out of every five describes their health as fair, or poor. Still some of the health problems are due to reasons other than financial ones. They include poor transportation and the different service times.

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